Features of state support for young people with housing

04.08.2011 10:15
Features of state support for young people with housing State Fund Youth Housing Assistance initiates establishment of a public board that would monitor the implementation of state programs in this area and to prevent corruption. This was told August 2 MP Andrei Pinchuk, presenting the draft law "On peculiarities of state support for young people with housing."

"What is corruption? This is when to give, but it did not give the apartment. Public Council is created as a time to not be abused ", - said Andrey Pinchuk. But he expressed confidence that over the past year to provide state aid youth in the construction or acquisition of housing was not of corruption.

The head of the State Fund Board of Youth Housing Assistance Leonid Risuhin said that Community Board will be formed from deputies, representatives of NGOs, trade unions, the Presidential Administration. "The institution must determine who in the first place, who in the second turn provide support," - he said.

Speaking about the results to support young families in this year's Leonid Risuhin also said that this year provided funding for concessional lending of $ 130 million USD.

To date, the state budget and local budgets funded loans by 44.8 million USD. "We expect that the concessional lending program, we can get a loan of about 450 households, and last year there were 290 families", - said Risuhin.

Recall, according to the State Fund for Youth Housing Assistance, the adoption of this bill: to provide young people with affordable housing would stabilize the funding of this issue and solve the problem of shortage of housing for 10-15 years. One of the mechanisms to support young families will be providing housing for rent.

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