Earth Lozinski returned to the state

22.11.2010 12:33
Property News | Earth Lozinski returned to the state The Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine at the suit of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine annulled the decision of Kirovohrad regional council on a treaty provision in the use of hunting Hunting Farm LLC Golovanovskoe 26,000 hectares of land, writes today. Also, the court in its decision shall indicate the company to return these hunting grounds in the property of Kirovograd regional department of forestry and hunting, the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office.

Resolutions of the Kiev Court of Appeal and the Supreme Economic Court decision to the Court of First Instance upheld. To implement the decision of the State executive service at the request of the GPU, the State returned illegally provided hunting grounds.

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16 June 2009 on the territory of these hunting grounds in the Kirovograd region in a collision with deputies from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, Viktor Lozinski, District Attorney Eugene Gorbenko and chief of police department Michael Kowalski killed a local resident Valery Oliynyk, born in 1954.

"The accused in the murder of the victim caused Lozinski 9 bullet wounds, and then finished off her bumper Niva-Chevrolet" - said Deputy Attorney General Vitaly Schotkin.

General Prosecutor's Office instituted criminal proceedings on Article 121 part 2 (intentional bodily harm, carrying out a process having the character of a special torment, or a group of persons, as well as to intimidate the victim or other persons, or committed by order, or caused the death of the victim) .

July 3, 2009 the Verkhovna Rada parliamentary immunity stripped Lozinski, then Kiev Pechersk district court granted permission to detain Lozinski and shipping it to court.

July 30, 2009 Lozinski was put on international wanted list. He voluntarily surrendered in Kiev, March 1, 2010 after 8 months of investigation.

March 3, 2010 the Court in Kiev chose Lozinsky preventive measure in the form of arrest. Lozinski was in jail SBU, now - in Kiev Lukyanovka jail.
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