Directions to Havana bridge in both directions will open on Saturday

22.10.2010 17:04
On Saturday morning, authorities finally surrender once the capital long-term construction - overpass at Naberezhnye Khreschatytska, which should relieve congestion on the hem. At the same time promise to open and stir with Obolon the Hem of Havana Bridge. Now cars can drive only in reverse.
Havana bridge will shorten the path by about 4 km, its capacity - 60 thousand cars per hour - roughly the same as in Moscow Bridge.

According to the Director QA "Kievavtodor" George Glinski, in such a unique technology - a monolith of reinforced concrete structures - transport facility is built in Kiev for the first time. "Vintage all the technological requirements, so the asphalt pier will serve you long and will have a long life" - said Glinski.

For the record: October 4, was opened to traffic on the bridge toward Havana residential district Obolon.

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