Debtors can seize as much property as necessary to repay the loan

08.12.2009 17:35
Property News | Debtors can seize as much property as necessary to repay the loan Today, the bank can not simply select apartment borrower who does not pay the loan, but qualify for other property. This is when the price of the apartment (or other collateral) does not cover the debt on the loan. "If you have something valuable: a car, a dacha. The bank can seize the property and enforce. If the wife (husband or someone else) to sponsor, then the property of the surety may also seize "- says Eduard Bagirov, Chairman of ICO International League for the Protection of citizens' rights," wrote UBR.

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The question immediately arises: why not re-register the property to another owner? But Bagirov says that very little chance that this scheme will work. After all, there were cases where renewal admitted illegal. Banks sued and proved fictitious sales transactions: it is proved that the borrower has problems because of this he sold, and sold fictitious.
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