Cottages for otselentsev of Jules start building in summer

24.03.2011 10:52
Property News | Cottages for otselentsev of Jules start building in summer WHO HOUSE, WHAT ABOUT PROPERTY

Road to the District should extend to holding in Ukraine of Euro 2012. So lay at the bottom and in July-August start to build houses for the inhabitants of 27 houses in the street Vatutina, which is subject to demolition.

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- At this stage, we evaluate the housing of the people whose homes will be demolished, - told the Komsomolskaya Pravda deputy director of enterprise "Management of construction of road facilities in Kiev Mykola Vasiltsov. - Then in July or August, will start construction work at the site of six hectares, which is located in a field 500 meters from the District. Until the spring of 2012 we plan to build a turnkey 27 houses. Each of the resettled families will receive equivalent accommodation. All about everything going to spend about 60 million hryvnia. Those who do not want to move to built houses, will offer apartments. Therefore, the number of houses in the town can still be reviewed - all will depend on negotiations with tenants.

According Vasiltsova, four families have already agreed to move to an apartment. But exactly where they resettled, officials still say they can not.

"Told to wait ..."

By people from the streets Vatutina first hear about the apartments. The fact that their home is the road to prevent the expansion of the District, they learned four years ago, but since then officials have visited them only twice - in 2007, and November of last year.

- On the news with our relocation we do know from the press - a resident complained the street Vatutina, 68, Galina Lavrinchuk. - In November last were described, and all told to wait. And that's where otselyat what it will be at home or we offer apartments, no one said anything. So, judging from the way information is received, we expect nothing special. On the field, where we supposedly have to move, nothing happens. Just broken ground, some preparatory work we have not noticed.

Do not believe in the imminent solution to the problem and the neighbors of Galina. According to them, all residents of the street for several years now I have to live in constant expectation.

- We are tied hand and foot, - complains about the hostess on the street Vatutina, 74, Valentine Slischenko. - We have put in a tenuous situation that we even can not make repairs. On the walls of the crack came, the family grows, and we live in a hovel. For now take that to do something, completed home, and tomorrow will come and demolish all. And nothing will compensate.

Meanwhile, in "Ukravtodor, whose employees need to extend the road to Zhulyanskom overpass, I can not yet say when it will start construction work. They say - everything depends on money.

- We would be happy right now to start building - told the "KP" spokesman "Ukravtodor Elena Mech. - We are all prepared and we are awaiting a receipt of funds. Because of this we are idle almost all the objects that are planned to build.

The company is hoping that the money is still allocate and this month it will be possible to begin work on expanding the circle.

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