«COSMO» plans to open stores of a new format

03.02.2018 00:15
Property News | «COSMO» plans to open stores of a new format Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the chain of stores "COSMO" Sergei Bartoshchuk said that this year the chain of stores "COSMO" did not expand, focusing on business performance. According to him, consumers are not yet optimistic about their spending, because they see the risks for the main budget items - food, utilities, etc. "There is a slight increase in sales, despite the fact that, unlike its competitors, we did not open new points. For competitors, growth can be greater due to the fact that a new point is always a gain in sales. The only question is whether these sales will be enough to ensure that the shop pays off, "- said Batorsorshuk.

He argues that the efficiency of opening new stores is now much lower than a few years ago. The payback period stretches for a long time, so the growth rates of new stores on the market are not at all what they were before the war.

Also, the trading network does not launch its own online platform, because it is quite a serious investment, while the Internet demonstrates a very low percentage of sales.

"Zakaz.ua sold about six months, but then decided to stop cooperation. This channel does not give the necessary increase in sales, because quite a small percentage of people buy goods of our segment online, "added Sergei Bartoschuk.

"In the new format, we will make another offer for the consumer - not only commodity, but also complex. I do not want to go into more detail, I better keep the intrigue, "- said Sergei Bartoschuk.

Earlier it was reported that the Kiev boutique hotel "Riviera" will open in April.

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