City council proposes to introduce a tax on real estate

23.06.2011 00:00
June 23, 2011 at the sitting of the Kyiv City Council will be presented the draft decision of the Kiev City Council "On the establishment of local taxes and fees in Kiev," said deputy chairman of the KCSA Ruslan Kramarenko. According to him, this decision is proposed to establish a tax on real property other than land, tourist fee, fee for parking of vehicles and the fee for the exercise of certain types of business. Today in Kyiv already operate tourist fee, fee for parking of vehicles and the fee for the exercise of certain types of business. Travel fee bid for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners arriving in the territory of Kyiv offers set at 1% of the total period of residence minus the VAT.
According to the report of KSCA, fees for parking of vehicles is proposed to set fee rates for each day of activities for the parking of vehicles in UAH per 1 sq. km. m land plot at a rate of 0.03% over the third territorial zone of Kiev, 0.04% within the second territorial zone, and 0.05% in the first territorial zone of Kiev.
The tax rate on real property other than land is proposed to set at 1% of the minimum wage for the 1st quarter. m of living space for the apartments, the area does not exceed 240 square meters. m, and residential buildings, the area does not exceed 500 square meters. m, and 2.7% - for apartments with an area exceeding 240 square meters. meters, and houses with an area exceeding 500 square meters. m

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Tax rate for the exercise of certain types of business activities (commercial activities at points of sale of goods, provision of public services paid on a list established by the Cabinet of Ministers and trade in currency values ​​of foreign exchange, the activities in the field of entertainment) is set between 0.08 to 0 4 minimum wage per month. In addition, certain activities by the Tax Code of Ukraine set higher fee rates. For example, for the implementation of trade currency values ​​for a calendar month was 1.2 in the minimum wage, for carrying out activities in the field of entertainment for a quarter of a minimum wage, and for some species (ten-pin bowling, bowling, etc.) increased in 2 times.
"Today, tourist tax to pay 115 legal entities, trading patent law paid 4848 and 1161 individuals. Single tax is 14 315 legal entities and 79 401 individual entrepreneur. Local taxes and fees, excluding the single tax will bring in the 2012 general fund budget of Kyiv about 70 mln. Expected income for single tax under the existing legislation - 228 million UAH ", - said R. Kramarenko.
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