Changes in the provision of youth Lending

11.05.2011 12:15
Property News | Changes in the provision of youth Lending Changes to the Regulations on the provision of soft term loans to young families and single young people for construction (reconstruction) and the purchase of housing, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of 29.05.2001, № 584.

Repayment of the loan provided for construction (reconstruction) or purchase of housing, and interest payments for its use by the borrower from the date of transfer of funds credited to the borrower's agent bank.

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Regional management of the Fund in the manner prescribed by the board of the Fund, in the case of children (child), marriage, death of a family member of the borrower, as well as of delay in making operational the completed project for more than six months may determine the loan agreement with the borrower grace period for payment of the principal amount, excluding interest on credit, for up to one year or until the adoption of the operation of such facility.

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 04.27.1911 № 458 was effective from 5.6.1911, the (Ofіtsіyny News of Ukraine "from 06.05.1911 № 32).
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