Cabinet to allocate funds for the completion of thousands of two unfinished

06.07.2011 18:59
Property News | Cabinet to allocate funds for the completion of thousands of two unfinished August 1 should be completed inventory of all the unfinished projects. Now check the 12 Th of thousands. At the end of the process to hold an expanded meeting of the Cabinet to consider terms of speed work. Ukraine has 16 000 unfinished. A quick end to all objects of the Cabinet do not have enough money. So plan to develop a mechanism for putting them into operation at least by 2000 annually. Now, say in the government, the amount of risk decreases, the economy is growing, so we can talk about improving credit conditions for both developers and for the citizens.

"To encourage active operations and economic and market recovery, we need to, as economists, to place and to attract more long-term programs. It is beneficial to economic development," - said Marina Nesterovskaya, executive director of the retail business.

The Cabinet and pay attention to the constant inflow of deposits and money cheaper resource. Therefore expect lower rates on loans. As developers work hard even with the current 16-17% per annum. They want 12-13%. But this requires that the rate for deposits in UAH decreased an average of at least 9-10% per annum.

"Today the rate on deposit-taking banks in a group of anywhere from 10.5 to 12.5%. They can not afford, it's big banks, which have both parent companies and are able to attract them to cheap resources. That the banks of the second group - they range in -14.5% at 14 "- explain the channel UBR Alex Manzi, director of corporate business.

Until the end of 2011, subject to current trends in the banking sector may attract resources in the system as a whole at 12.5 percent. And, if the Cabinet of Ministers and NBU to impose certain mechanisms to compensate the banks that lending rates will be in the range of 12-14% per annum. Greater reduction is likely only in 2012.
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