Cabinet has introduced a bill to ban the sale of land without cadastral number

11.01.2011 18:46
Property News | Cabinet has introduced a bill to ban the sale of land without cadastral number The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine proposes to ban selling and mortgage of land without cadastral number. The bill, proposed by the Government Azarov, are also invited to indicate the inventory number for the mortgage.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine proposes to ban selling and mortgage of land without cadastral number. This is stated in the draft law, which was received today for consideration to the relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada (VR) of Ukraine, says RBC.

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According to the document, "a pledge of land or rights to be transferred when assigned to a land plot cadastral number.

In addition, we offer mortgages of land to indicate not only for its intended purpose, but inventory number.

January 10 this year Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn called on BP's decision to conduct an inventory of all land in Ukraine.

Recall that in December 2010, Deputy Chairman State Committee for Land Resources Sergei Belchik said that SLC is ready to make every effort to up to June 2012 in Ukraine was a system of land cadastre.

As reported, January 19, 2010 the Verkhovna Rada overrode the presidential veto on legislation to extend the moratorium on the sale of agricultural zemuchastkov before January 1, 2012

Recall, December 22, 2009 BP adopted the Law "On amendments to paragraphs 14 and 15 of section X" Transitional Provisions "of the Land Code of Ukraine (regarding the period for sale of land)."

The Act provided for the extension of the prohibition of making right to land (share) to the statutory funds of business entities prior to January 1, 2012 Act proposed to establish that the sale of agricultural land of state and communal property, as well as changing the designated use zemuchastka, including including the exchange of land for other land is introduced from 1 January 2012, but for this to come into force a law on state land cadastre and land market, defining features of the treatment of state and communal ownership of lands and commercial farming.

Note also that the State Enterprise Centre of the State Land Cadastre "was created on December 2 in 1997 The main purpose of the Center SLC is functioning automated system of the State Land Cadastre of Ukraine and the system of land registration.

Note, according to the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, after 6 years of the project "Delivery of state acts on land ownership in rural areas and development of cadastre system", which is financed by means of appropriate loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the SLC and GP Center State Land Cadastre "was used only 23.7 million dollars (or 12.1%) of the total loan amount, and until completion of the project - June 30, 2012 - there is a risk of non-use of the loan provided by IBRD to complete the project after his restructuring.

Press office notes that the social objectives of the project, including free replacement certificates for land ownership to public acts, and not achieved and the source of funding lost. Over the entire period of the project issued 422 thousand state acts on land ownership in exchange certificates, which is only 11% of a certain amount of exchange of documents.

Remains a risk of default of individual contracts to build the base and index cadastral maps, which provided the project also risks additional burden on the state budget of Ukraine in connection with the necessity to bring the execution of the treaty in accordance with the applicable legislation.
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