Cabinet has approved the procedure for examination and approval of construction projects

02.06.2011 17:28
Property News | Cabinet has approved the procedure for examination and approval of construction projects The Government of Ukraine approved the mechanism for the approval of construction projects and they attend the examination, it is said in the Cabinet of Ministers № 560 from May 11. According to the decision of the Government asserts construction projects involving the state budget, the budget of the ARC, gorbyudzhetov, funds of enterprises, institutions and state ownership in respect of facilities at an estimated cost of more than 100 million UAH; objects, which is working at a depth of 800 m, regardless of their estimated cost, facilities, projects which are implemented with the participation of foreign loans provided under government guarantees.
In this case, construction projects at a total estimated cost from 30 to 100 mln approved by the central executive authorities, Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol city state administration and other government authorities.
Objects of the total estimated cost of up to 30 mln subject to the approval of enterprises, institutions and state ownership.

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The duration of the project appraisal should not exceed 30 calendar days, depending on the technical and technological complexity of construction projects, 90 calendar days - for objects of improving nuclear and radiation hazards, and those for which assesses their impact on the environment, 15 days - for objects of category I-III of being built in areas with complex engineering-geological and technological conditions, as well as estimates of the construction projects I-III grade.
The corresponding decree was promulgated on 1 June.
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