British officials canceled the construction of residential quarters for rodents

29.09.2010 15:30
Property News | British officials canceled the construction of residential quarters for rodents Authorities British town of Paddock Wood in Kent declined to construction of residential quarters for 600 homes near the forest, which is inhabited by Sony - small mammals rodents. As reported by the British edition of The Daily Mail, officials decided not to build up the area near the forest for the safety of dormice which are protected animals in England.

According to animal advocates who spoke at the meeting on the site selection for construction of a new residential area, the population of dormice suffer less from work on the construction of houses, many of the consequences of moving into these homes of families with pets. According to one adviser, Ray Moon, dormice can eat domestic cats, who will be walking in the woods.

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"I will protect dormice for the sake of future generations. I do not want my grandson grew up and said: "I never saw Sonya. What is a dormouse? "- Said R. Moon. However, the position of advisor and some of his colleagues refused to support several other government representatives-Paddock Wood.

"You make the decision based on what will be good for dormice. It's just some bullshit. It's insane, "- commented the decision of colleagues adviser Ron Goodman. Goodman's point of view is also shared by some villagers, who called the decision to abandon construction of a residential neighborhood in close proximity to the habitat of dormice ridiculous.

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