BP will consider a bill to eviction loan defaulters

01.11.2010 10:52
Property News | BP will consider a bill to eviction loan defaulters Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine within one month to consider a bill to the possibility of unfair eviction payers housing loan, bought through a loan. The journalists said a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance and Banking Yuri Poluneyev, wrote Meget.

Credit Bank will be able to expel people from the apartment, but only when the property was purchased on borrowed funds. This decision must be confirmed by the court, but should be provided for the provision of new permanent housing for those evicted, "- said Yuri Poluneyev.

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According to him, the rule of the mandatory provision of new housing is more of a warning nature, since such housing is smaller in area than bought on credit, ie, citizens are encouraged to pay their loan.

In addition, among other rules of law that protects the rights of creditors, Y. Poluneyev said strengthening the rights of notaries, in fact provides that the writ of execution, the credit shelter alienated borrowers.

Also provides some protection of the rights of borrowers, in particular, the housing could be alienated if the loan is designed in accordance with all provisions of the law and the contract includes additional costs the borrower involved in processing the loan and home insurance. You also have the possibility of early repayment without extra penalties from the bank.

In his opinion, such standards on the one hand protect the rights of bankers and the other will not affect the confidence of potential borrowers to the banking system.
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