BP today will consider a bill to limit the land lease

22.05.2012 13:57
Property News | BP today will consider a bill to limit the land lease Today the Parliament is scheduled to consider the first reading of the bill, which is limited to the marginal area of ​​the lease. The proposed bill Kaletnika-Glusya "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On Land Lease "," (with respect to some of the limitations of rent of agricultural land), the maximum should not exceed 10% of the farmland within the same district.

Nationally, the total area of ​​agricultural land to rent for one person may not exceed 50 hectares. The deadline to which market participants need to bring in the processing area of ​​land to the required legal limit - and a half years, until January 1, 2013 How to be agricultural producers who lease the land exceeds the specified date, the document is not specified.

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According to the Ukrainian club of agrarian business, today in Ukraine there are 250 agricultural enterprises in which the leased area exceeds the specified maximum, and account for more than 10% of the area. In the processing of such households is about 3.7 million hectares of land.

Experts and market participants unanimously opposed the proposed restrictions. At a minimum, these rules will cause market participants to seek ways to circumvent the limitations and opportunities that will contribute to shadowing agroryka.

"If you are at least partly understand the role of this or that company in the agricultural market of Ukraine, in case the bill number 10,273 in the current version we are waiting for a wave of pseudo-investment from Cyprus and other offshore areas, where it will be difficult to assess the ownership structure , "- said Vladimir Lapa, CEO of ASTP.

In the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation reminded that similar restrictions, as part of the draft law "On Land Market", which is delayed by the post-election period, led a protest of communities - agricultural, Corporate Business, finance and banking.

Recall that such restrictions especially painful for the sugar industry and livestock production as these areas require the use of large areas of land. Market participants indicate that the need for large tracts of land in the processing due to the production technology, and circumvent these requirements are not in favor of the law.

"We know that to maintain one cow to 1.5 hectares of land. Take a standard farm on two thousand cows, multiply by 1.5 hectares receive three thousand hectares of land. Taking into account the rotation, but at least should be 4-5 cultures, it turns out that it is necessary to have available a minimum of 12-15 ha for the maintenance of the farm two thousand cows. Here is a mathematician ", - explained Oleg Todchuk, Deputy Director of Development agricultural holding" IMC ".

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