Auction for sale of land held in Ivano-Frankivsk

30.08.2010 16:27
Auction for sale of land held in Ivano-Frankivsk The authorities of Ivano-Frankivsk in mid-October are going to debut auction of lease rights of six vacant land with total area of about 8 hectares. Five of them are located on Kaluska highway, radio factory in the area, and are intended for the construction of commercial buildings. As told to "DS" deputy chief of the urban management of land relations Dmitry Pischak, the biggest upcoming auction bidding - donned an area of 4.8 hectares, where the authorities consider it advisable to build a hypermarket. Nearby you can take the temporary use of 2 hectares, on which the municipality a few years ago offered to businessmen to build a water park. However, wishing to invest in this project have not been found, writes Business Capital.

Businessmen complained that the site is located on a hill that would entail additional expenses for the installation of pumps for pumping water. In the neighborhood shall be three small allotment of 40, 45 and 22 of the weave. Head of the Department of land relations of the local mayor Michael Semanishin stressed that the city government will not impose potential tenants construction of an object, leaving the right choice for them.

All of the above areas in 2008, tried to sell the property, but buyers have not been found. Trade officials attributed the failure of a high starting price of lots. It is determined on the basis of normative monetary valuation of communal lands, who grew up in July before last year in 2,5 times - to 198.4 UAH / apartment. m, resulting in the average base cost of allotments in the light of all factors was 236 USD / sq. m

"The initial value of allotments to Kaluska highway has been identified on the basis of 515 USD. per square, which was even higher prices in the secondary real estate market ", - said Mr. Pischak. Rent is cheaper, since the starting price of trades in this case is determined as a percentage of expert money estimation plots depending on the term for which he surrenders.

Another site - almost 6 hectare Embankment them. Stefanik along the river Bistrita-Solotvyns'ka was first put up for auction - used for construction of apartment building with public spaces. The initial cost of lots will be approved at the September meeting of the City Council. Most likely, the plots will be offered for use for 10-15 years.

This year, Ivano-Frankivsk authorities planned to receive from the sale and leasing of land almost 20 million USD. However, six months into the treasury of this article proceeds received only 2.6 million UAH. Who paid the property owners, bought the land for its facilities.
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