At Zhulyanah cheaply sell «Jurisdiction» sites

27.01.2011 11:30
Property News | At Zhulyanah cheaply sell «Jurisdiction» sites Controversial areas in Zhulyanah, about which is the third year last courts began to be sold on the secondary market. And, as it became known newspaper in Kiev, the arrest of the land withdrew Ukraine's Security Service.

Owners of sites found virtually no people of Kiev, with all rights to the land, and non-resident "dummy" entity, which now put the land up for sale.

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Sale participants Cove on the street. Williams appeared on websites and in newspapers for the sale of real estate. And they are sold at surprisingly low prices. $ 15 thousand sq.m. (site, and even on the $ 8 thousand ( Given that the average price of land in Kiev, according to the portal, was $ 31.6 thousand

"Schemers probably want to get rid of them to cover their tracks" - suggest those who are forced by the courts to assert their rights to these plots.

"We, the simple and honest people in Kyiv, it seems only one thing: that they (the employees of the SBU. - Auth.), Using his official position, entered into an agreement with the scammers, who at this time, the courage, try to complete their fraud and criminal scheme land "- write the affected people in the application-complaints filed to the Head of Security Service on January 14.

On Monday failed landowners met with the head of the city USBU Yuri Paramonov. "He listened carefully to us and promised to investigate" - says one of the participants of the meeting, Alexander Murashov.

Alla Teregeylo site at: Per. Moscow, 2a, was sold together with the adjacent allotment in the first. Moscow, 2b, 11 December. On this she learned by chance, came for some papers to the court in Kievzem. It turned out that the seller acted "dummy" citizen Marina V. It is her decision city council № 922/922 of the lot on which to collect documents Alla Teregeylo.

Solution for the second year is being contested in the courts. Recall: if a document was made about a thousand parcel, and many of them - for just such "fake" people, which is now claimed that instead of land were either for $ 30 either at $ 50.

By the way, shopper site Alla Teregeylo a false entity - not a random person in the land deeds. " Information about Olga Zavalidrovoy visit Makarov paradise-administration - it is senior specialist in the department of land resources. And even awarded a diploma of the State Committee.

Buyers of other participants of magnitude - is not incidental to the land and residential affairs people. In particular, one of two customers site on the street. Williams, 2d, said that he had the assistant deputy of the city council.
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