Alushta become one of Europe's finest resorts

20.09.2010 16:38
Property News | Alushta become one of Europe Politicians and businessmen of the Crimea plan to make a resort of Alushta the highest level, in particular, the promenade will be one of the best waterfronts in Europe. "Quay Alushta can be compared with such known cities as Cannes and Nice," - said Special Correspondent ReporterUA Victor Churikov, director of "Our Town".

The organization is developing an investment project, under which the city will be rebuilt embankment radically. "1,5 km promenade will be different, in particular, there will trestle, waterfalls, larechnikov and speculators will not be", - said Churikov. Proposals already developed, it invested tens of thousands of dollars. With funding for the project will be carried out without government intervention, but only at the expense of investors.

"Everything will be done at a very high level, then we can safely say that Alushta - one of the cities in Europe", - said Victor Churikov. In addition, the leadership of the resort town will soon take its center, which will also add entertainment and value, and Alushta Crimea as well.
Artem Grozny correspondent "ReporterUA in Crimea
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