A new land redistribution can result in unfortunate

30.03.2011 13:18
Property News | A new land redistribution can result in unfortunate In the next year or two possible new land redistribution, which may result in Ukraine's sad. This opinion in today's Internet conference expressed? analyst Vadim Karasev. According to him, in fact, the Ukrainian land redistribution is already underway for more than 10 years. "If today to legalize land ownership, it appears that in the Ukraine formed large landowners, landowners. But there are still, as they say, reserves, writes the UBR.

Overall assessment of the free Land Resources of Ukraine - about 350-400 billion dollars. So now for the next year or two possible new land redistribution, which, for Ukraine could end up quite sad, "- he said.

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"In the sense that the property will go to the people of Ukraine in the hands of new agrooligarhov among men of the current government, as well as the global agrarian oligarchy" - said Karasev.

Therefore, in his opinion, should be control over land reform. "But it is now, not even Parliament can not control this process. And secondly, should be true is the objective of land reform. If the purpose of reform is to create a massive layer of land owners, tenants, - users of land in public ownership - is one, it is not redistribution. If the land be allowed as a commodity on the market, if the land to be privatized - then redistribution, land speculation, latifundizm and other "charms" of the agrarian nedokapitalizma "- says the analyst.

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