The Cabinet of Ministers extended the program of the youth crediting-up to 2017.

30.10.2012 09:05
Property News |  The Cabinet of Ministers extended the program of the youth crediting-up to 2017. At its meeting on 24 October, the government adopted the decree № 967, which until 2017, extending the State program of youth housing. Presented the project of act of the Minister of regional development, building and housing and communal services of Ukraine Anatoly Bliznyuk.

«Only in this same year, in the framework of the existing Program put into operation 20 residential houses. By the end of this year it is expected to enter into operation another 40 residential houses, in which young people - participants of the program will receive more than 2.5 thousand flats with a total area of almost 188 thousand sq.m. The successful continuation of the Program for the next five years will provide housing for more than 16 thousand young families and alone young citizens, to build 147 thousand sq. m of habitation», - said А.Близнюк.

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The current state programme of youth housing for 2002-2012). approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from July 29, 2002. no 1089. In the course of its actions from 2002 to 2011, on the decision of housing problem of young people from the state budget was allocated 584 million UAH, and from the local budgets - even 314 million UAH. Was granted 7124 of preferential long-term credits to young families and single young citizens for construction (reconstruction) and purchase of housing. Constructed and put into operation 648 houses of the total number of 35170 apartments and a total area of 2619,5 thousand sq. m, where which have received apartments 6735 young families. In addition, in the framework of the Program for a long time was the mechanism of compensation of the interest rate of credits provided by commercial banks to young families and single young citizens for construction and acquisition of housing. Partial compensation for the time of his actions was provided to almost 18 thousand young families. The realization of the programme involved 2.4 billion UAH is not budgetary funds.

Implementation of the program has facilitated the development and adoption of the regional programmes of youth housing. During the 2002-2011, were taken 156 local programs of youth housing. Increased the volume of funds, which were allocated from the local budgets of all levels for youth housing crediting. In 2002 was allocated from the local budgets 8.8 million UAH, and in 2011. - already 40.3 mln UAH. In particular, at the expense of local budgets provided 1985 preferential long-term credits of their total number.

It is expected that by the end of 2012 the total amount of financing from all sources for all time of action of the Program are estimated at $ 3.8 billion UAH. The total number of young families received housing in the framework of the program up to the end of current year will make 30.5 thousand. and the volume of commissioned housing exceeds 2.6 million sq. m.
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