Marketing research of cottage towns

Маркетинговое исследование коттеджных городков Market research cottage towns
Kyiv and Kyiv oblast (2005 - 2011)

Type of Market Research
Region Kyiv and Region
Real Estate Industry
Released Report-September 2011
Number of pages -400
Report Language-Russian

Brief description of report:
This product is a database of 302 under construction, planned for building and undelivered cottage settlements of Kyiv and of the detailed characteristics of each village.
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Provide users with "market research cottage villages in Kiev and Kiev region" prompt, complete, accurate information about the market of cottage townships. For the first time in one work are examined, analyzed and described all the cottage towns, which are located in Kyiv region and Kyiv.

Method of work:
In preparation for "market research cottage towns of Kiev and the Kiev region," used the following methods: Desk Research (own database, Internet, specialized media, official sites and developers of cottage townships, etc.), telephone calls and monitoring proposals exit at the construction site of cottage townships. All the available sources of information-checked, which allowed to include in the report the most reliable and timely information.

The practical use of research

This study allows to solve a standard set of tasks facing any investor, builder, developer or realtor without resorting each time to the primary data collection or holding of a separate study:
• Rapid assessment of new sites for development.
• Analysis of competitive environment.
• Calculation of revenues and economic development projects.
• Preparation of marketing design assignment.
Rationale of a project for the banks, co-investors and partners

The structure of work: For users of the report is divided into three main sections, Section 1 and 3 have their own more detailed substructure.

Section number 1 to evaluate the state of the market of cottage townships, see the level of demand and supply, average level of prices, trends and forecasts of the market, identify the most promising directions for the development of cottage construction. Also in this section provides information on the best infrastructure of cottage townships, architectural style and materials of construction.

Section 2 presents a short number of passport cottage towns Kiev region to price changes for 2005 to September 2011., And a brief description of the towns.

Section number 3 consists of a description 302 cottage villages in Kiev and the Kiev region. For convenience, all the cottages of the town described by a single standard form. It should be noted that not all cottage villages filled with all the lines of standard form - some owners of small towns deliberately conceal information, some are semi-underground building with hope after the completion of all sell immediately, and some do not yet decided definitely not to the prices, or infrastructure . Subsequent updates of marketing research will provide more complete information, because the monitoring of the market of cottage townships will be conducted on an ongoing basis.

Form of providing information on cottage villages in the 3rd section of the report:
Features Description
The distance from Kiev km indicates the distance from Kiev in km, also indicates the name of the village nearest to the cottage house
Contact Information Phone, fax or e-mail project owner or general contractor or real estate agency, which you can find all necessary information
The full name of the builder developer
Site address or site developer or cottage
Description of the town in this paragraph is a brief description of the cottage or camp is represented by positioning in the market
Building area, ha area of ​​land Indicates a cottage in town ha
The number of households, ed. This item represents the number of households in the cottage. If a town has a few sizes of residential property (for example, houses and townhouses), it indicates the number of households for each type of real estate
The area of ​​home ownership, m In this section we presented the area of ​​households in the cottage. If a town has a few sizes of residential property (for example, houses and townhouses), the specified area households for each type of real estate
The amount of land area, acres in this paragraph, provided the area of ​​land under the home ownership in the cottage. If a town has a few sizes of residential property (for example, houses and townhouses), the specified area of ​​land for each property
Description of the nature here is a description of the natural features of the site and surrounding area.
Description of the infrastructure described in this paragraph, the entire infrastructure, which is planned or built.
Description Describes the cottages villas (townhouses, etc.) that will be built (or already built) in the cottage
The cost of 1 sq.m, USD This item is specified price (the price range) in U.S. dollars for 1 sq. m of residential property as of June 2009
Cost of 1 sq.m. of land, U.S. $ in this paragraph, specify the price (price range) in U.S. dollars per 1 sq.m. of land as of June 2009
Materials of construction in this paragraph, except for construction materials listed yet, and all engineering infrastructure, which will be presented in the cottage.
Graphic material in this paragraph will be presented master plans of cottage townships, house designs, photos of homes, photos, and construction phases of nature

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