Market research company «RealEkspo»

1. Marketing analysis of the market of cottage townships Kiev region
2. Marketing analysis of office real estate market in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv;
3. Marketing analysis of the real estate market in Kiev and Lviv;
4. Marketing Analysis Market Shopping Center in Kiev;
5. The concept of the most efficient development of land in g.Vyshgorod;
6. The concept of the most effective development of an office building in g.Irpen;
7. The concept of the most efficient use of land in Kharkov;
8. The concept of the most efficient use of land in Lviv;
9. Marketing the idea of ??building on a street. Shota Rustaveli;
10. Marketing concept business center class "A" in Kiev;
11. The marketing concept is TRC (Kiev region);
12. Investment Analysis club house in the city of Kyiv on the street. Smirnov-Swallow, 16 (home built);
13. Marketing concept cottage business class in the Kiev region;
14. Marketing concept of a residential building business class in Yalta;
15. The marketing concept of a multifunctional complex in Balaklava;
16. Marketing study for the construction of brick plant in Zhitomir region (factory built);
17. Marketing study for Wellness hotel in Kiev region.
18. Market research of private medicine in Kiev with the development of the concept of private medical clinics.
19. Marketing research of Ukrainian glassware.
20. Marketing research of the land of the Kiev region.


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