Review of office real estate market in Kyiv

Marketing research of commercial real estate in Kiev and Ukraine.
1. Trends in office real estate market of Kiev
2. Classification of office centers in Ukraine
3. Analysis of the proposals on the office market of Kiev:
3.1. Market capacity
3.2. Location of office centers in Kiev
3.3. Layout of office centers in Kiev
3.4. The structure of office centers
3.5. Floors
3.6. Capacity parking office centers
3.7. Declared Projects
4. Analysis of the price situation in the market of office centers in Kiev
5. Availability for office centers;
6. Demand for office real estate
7. Analysis of the wishes of tenants to office real estate
8. Market forecasts

Employment Survey of office real estate market "contains 18 pages of analysis, unique tables, and also includes a graphic illustration of the market situation, major trends and forecasts. This work will allow you to have a clear understanding of the situation on the office market in Kiev today and highlight key trends for which the market will develop in the near future.


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