Interactive map of cottage settlements in Ukraine

Online map of cottage towns and villages of Ukraine

To buy a cottage village on the map, you need to spend a lot of time, since in the catalog of cottage towns of Ukraine there are currently 1200 villages.

To help those looking for suburban real estate on the map of Ukraine, the consulting company RealExpo has implemented an online map of cottage towns.

On the map of cottage villages of Ukraine in the Kiev, Odessa, Lviv regions and Kiev with the help of filters you can find a cottage town on a map with prices.

Searching for cottage villages by map can be done both by degree of readiness: built towns on the map, villages under construction and projected on the map, and by type of suburban real estate. It can be townhouses on a map near Kiev, or duplexes or cottages on a map near Odessa. And there is also the opportunity to search for sites on the map in the suburbs and new cottage towns outside the city that have entered the cottage real estate market.

When you click on the icon, you get to a specific suburban object using search filters.
When you hover over the desired cottage or townhouse, you will see the name of the country village, type of property, degree of readiness and cost.

You can choose both a satellite map and a terrain map.

We wish you success in searching the cottage towns of Ukraine on a map!

Downloading a map may take some time.

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