Interactive map of cottage settlements in Ukraine

Interactive map of cottage settlements in Ukraine
Just a few years ago, houses in organized cottage settlements were "piece" goods purchased by consumers and soon to confirm their own status than as a permanent residence. Today the situation is different: the changed views on the suburban housing on the part of potential buyers, and the market itself have undergone changes. We can confidently assert that organized protected cottage settlements firmly took their positions on the Ukrainian real estate market.

To meet the increasing demand for suburban property developers bring to the market more and more new towns, which in Ukraine today has more than 500. They all differ from each other by a number of options - ranging from types of homes offered for sale, their land and houses adjoining land plots, the value of homes, and finishing with the total number of houses in the village, the level of development of its own infrastructure of the settlement, additional service.
Whereas previously the choice was limited to the cottage one or two dozens of proposals, now before you find exactly what is fully consistent with the views of the buyer's country house, he has guided dozens of options, which, among other things requires time-consuming.
Working on this market is not the first year and knowing the situation "from within" consulting company "RealEkspo has developed the first in Ukraine interactive map of cottage villages in Ukraine. This resource allows not only to familiarize themselves with all the current market offers, but also set the search parameters. Features to look for cards allow a cottage village on the parameters (when you click on the icon you get a card specific cottage).

Conditions of access to the map
This map is only available to registered users.
To access detailed information about each of the settlements (click on the icon of the village) as well as search capabilities on the set parameters through the filters the user must register

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