Interactive map of suburban new buildings

Currently, the choice of future place of residence of a growing number of people inclines to option of housing for the city. The reasons for this are plentiful, but as a principal can be called the high cost of housing in Kyiv and regional centers, where many people simply do not have the opportunity to buy an apartment here, the deteriorating environmental situation in the cities, the desire to live in nature.

Working on this market is not the first year, and knowing the situation "from within", a consulting company RealEkspo has developed the first in Ukraine interactive map of suburban newly Ukraine. This resource allows you to quickly familiarize themselves with all the current market offers. Features to look for cards allow a cottage village on the parameters of the transition (when you click on the icon you get a card describing a specific object, photos, discussion).

Conditions of access to the map
This map is only available to registered users.
To access detailed information about each of the settlements (click on the icon of the village) as well as to search the village or group of villages on the set parameters through the filters the user must register.

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