Feng Shui Audit

Now nobody will be surprised by the word power, but even acknowledging its existence and influence on us, we can not always properly communicate with her.
Colors, shapes, sizes - all these characteristics of objects carry a certain energy message. For example, it is assumed that the sharp edges cut and destroy energy. Such subtleties in the science of Feng Shui so much that people spend years trying to comprehend them.
On our site you can order Feng Shui audit of apartments, houses, office or other premises. The purpose of the audit - to bring harmony in the state of the internal energy of your home.
Upon completion of the work you will receive a full report on the energy state of the premises, as well as recommendations on how to resolve problem areas.
To place an order on our website, you must fill out a form, indicating all the necessary data, as well as upload a scanned plan of the apartment.


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