Feng Shui services price list

Prices for the services of studio feng shui "Shen-chi"    as on  2010
Services  - Kiev - Ukraine

Residential accommodation (apartments) Consultation on the choice of facilities on-site specialist place. 380 UAH.  
480 UAH.

Feng Shui audit of apartments to 100 sq. m
880 UAH.
1380 UAH.

Feng Shui audit apartments bolshe100 square. m
18 hrn.
28 hrv.

Country Houses.
Departure professionals in the field (1 Visit 1 item).
180 UAH.
480 UAH.

Choosing the appropriate place and orientation of the house (1 object).
480 UAH.
800 UAH.

Develop recommendations for pre-construction house or feng shui audit of the finished project (sq. m.).
18 hrn.
28 hrv.

Development of recommendations for landscape design area (weaving).
80 UAH.
108 UAH.

Non-residential premises.

Departure professionals in the field (1 visit).
480 UAH.

Feng Shui audit of non-residential premises (m)
38 UAH.

Other services.

Choosing favorable dates.
280 UAH.

Calculation of Chi Myong Dong Dzya
138 UAH.
138 UAH.

Calendar monthly activation energy (fan, fountain)
380 UAH.

Analysis 4 pillars of destiny.
800 UAH.

Drawing up a business calendar to 1 month.
680 UAH.

Calculation of the compatibility of partners.
480 UAH.

Development of a favorable trade mark or logo.
980 UAH.

Consultation of the customer in our office
280 UAH. hour

Seminars, lectures and individual sessions on Feng Shui

      In the case of travel outside Ukraine, the prices are established on a contractual basis, individually for each order.

Payment in cash, cashless, inquiries by phone. 8-050-3844498 Viktor

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