Participation in the Fair of investment projects

Exhibitions of real estate company «RealEkspo» conducted in 2009.
Participation in the exhibition "Invest-2009"

Full name: ___________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________
Responsible person for the preparation of (Name): _______________________________________________________________________
Tel / Fax :__________________ e-mail: _______________________________________
1. Compulsory registration fee - Presentation 100 EUR
Order (quantity, amount )________________________________________________
2. Compulsory registration fee - placing a poster 100 EUR / pcs.
Order (quantity, amount) _________________________________________________
Prices include VAT and HP.
IMPORTANT! For registration payment documents necessary for e-mail: or fax (044) 413-34-08, 426-78-36 sent: details of VAT registration, name and title of head of signing the contract, all the bank details for preparation of contract, address.

Exhibitor ______________________ GG

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