Press release about the exhibition «Residential Real Estate -2008»

The Second International Exhibition-Forum «Suburban Real Estate -2008»: The participants, the program reviews

Suburban Real Estate is one of the most promising segments, which in the near future will attract more attention of investors.

Division of Marketing "RealEkspo" developed a new systematic marketing research of the cottage villages market in Kiev and the region. The analytical report provides rapid, complete and accurate information about market conditions cottage townships. For the first time in a work studied, analyzed and described all the cottage towns, which are located in Kyiv region and in Kyiv, describes all the major market trends and made predictions. Marketing department will be conducting continuous monitoring of the situation on the market, which will supplement the quarterly market research with new information.

During the exhibition, the company presented an updated version of the all-Ukrainian town real estate portal For the first time in Ukraine has started a resource that is gathered and correctly structured information, articles, analyst: cottage villages, suburban housing estates, real estate abroad, environment, investment proposals, ads for buying and selling, renting any country real estate directory of companies, and useful information .

According to the organizer of the exhibition "Suburban Real Estate -2008"  , director of RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko, cottage building is now the subject of attention of both investors and many developers. As of June 2006 in the Kiev region according to the portal was being built about 60 cottage townships. As of December 2006 their number increased to 90, and as of March 2008 - they had 138. Championship won Obukhovsky district (37), followed by the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district (27), in third place - Makarovsky district (16).

Most of the towns there are in the vicinity of large cities - Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, etc. (5-40 km). Today the people of Kiev are willing to pay for the house, even in half a hundred kilometers from the capital. And in the next 5-7 years a resident of the cottage community will feel comfortable even in the 100-kilometer zone.

In addition, view a dynamic in the development of the segment. If you have previously dominated by spontaneously arising education, but now we are increasingly talking about a well-designed projects, where special emphasis is placed on the infrastructure. This integrated approach, ie, records the location, the nature of infrastructure, as well as price / quality ratio allows the purchaser to choose a worthy object. At present rates of growth in demand for cottage real estate is not less than 30%.

The closer the cottage community is located in Kiev, the more picturesque nature, the greater the cost of 1 square. m. 18% of cottage townships cost of 1 sq. m of total area of the house is from 3000 to $ 32% of the proposals - the so-called "economy class" - is the cost of 1 square meter within the 1000-1500 United States dollars (only 1 cottage community offers homes at a price below $ 1000 per sq ft). Business class from $ 1 m from 1501 to 3000 U.S. dollars is 50% of the market offers. In the future, should increase the share of cottage townships economy class and significantly tightened the competition in the segment of the business class.

The most expensive is 1 square meter of property in the area of Obukhov district (1400-5000 cu / m), the second highest-Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district (1100-3800 cu / m) and Borispolsky district areas (1400-3100 cu / m), the third largest share Vyshgorodsky district (1200-2800 cu / m) Vasilkovsky district (1200-2500 cu / m).

Today, the average cost of 1 square meter cottage in the Kyiv region is 1,621 dollars. In the long term expected average annual growth of prices for houses in the villages will be no more than 15%, ie according to our forecasts will reach the end of the year 1783 dol. / sq.m.

Greatest demand will be cottage villages and a vibrant engineering and social infrastructure. Tendency of a common social infrastructure in some communities (commercial and sports centers, preschools, etc.) as to reach profitability of such social infrastructure for small towns can only be in their places of high concentration.

Also in the near future will develop large cottage villages area of 100 hectares, combining multiple formats of property: elite cottages, residences and modern malokvartirnye home.

In connection with the growing demand for such housing and the growth of the market there is a possibility of arrival of large foreign companies in Ukraine. At the same time predicted that the pace of market growth through 2020 will remain at 14% per year (for comparison - in 1999 the market growth was only 3%).


Until recently, the market experienced its infancy, during which the demand far exceeded supply, and companies, developing cottage projects, successfully engaged in "removing the cream. This was evidenced by the fact that most of the small cottage communities sold out with almost no advertising, resulting in the lack of a unified and generally accepted classification of cottage townships. But it should be noted that the market has changed dramatically. Effective demand fell slightly, while the number of declared and implemented by towns has increased significantly. Thus, buyers in their choice became much more demanding, when buying a country house, in consequence, the dynamics of sales in towns without a developed concept significantly decreased. And this trend will continue in the future.

Based on the potential market size can predict the complete saturation of the market by 2012, subject to the stated terms of commissioning, that based on the real situation is unlikely.

Press office of the company "RealEkspo"



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