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Second All-Ukrainian Exhibition and Fair «Housing-2008»

Wanting to buy housing?

It showed second specialized exhibition "Housing 2008", held at 8-10 October at the ExhibitionCenter "ACC International, the prospect of Peremohy in Kiev, organized by company RealEkspo.

The exhibition conference "The housing market-2008", drawing discounts on accommodation for visitors and ceremony of winners of the National Independent Competition HOUSING-2008.

At the opening ceremony were: Ivan Saliy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Association of manufacturers of building materials, Sergey Grabar -executive director of the Ukrainian Construction Association, Sergey Zlyden - ASNU vice president, director of CMS ASNU.

Dear Colleagues,

Housing, comfortable apartment, town house or comfortable  village house - all for the overwhelming majority of citizens of Ukraine can only dream of, and any efforts to implement it - it is noble and high right. In 2007, 857 thousand households, or 68.5% of the Ethiopian, expected to improve their living conditions 10 years or more (in 1990, respectively 285 thousand families, or 11%).

Unfortunately, dialed in 2007 pace of housing at 18.7% is not logical and chaotic actions stopped. Not yet started full-scale construction, is deployed in production capacity expansion of the dramatic domestic construction materials and products, and already, at the start, appeared difficulties with the sale of products that are illogical and unprofitable.

Your exhibition, business and creative activity of its participants - is one more chance robudovi Ukraine, the capitalization of the economy, efficiency, in improving the welfare and optimistic expectations of the citizens of Ukraine.

Sergey Grabar-executive director of the Ukrainian Construction Association:

Dear participants!

Welcome to the opening of "Second Exhibition of housing in 2008.

First of all, I would like to thank the organizers of this event. It is of great importance for the development and establishment of business contacts.

In today's dynamic business world the success of companies depends primarily on the ability to quickly assimilate and creatively adapt the best examples of world and domestic business. This applies to all sides of construction companies: from design concept for the project to its implementation of and progress on the real estate market.

I am confident that the exhibition "Housing-2008" will provide excellent opportunities to exchange valuable experiences, discuss ways to solve current problems and establishing new business relationships between construction companies.

I wish all the professional growth and stability.

    Sergei Zlyden - ASNU vice president, director of CMS ASNU:

Exhibition "Housing-2008" presents recent developments in the field of construction, design, displays the status and prospects of the investment market, construction and real estate in our country, new forms and conditions of service in this market segment, introduces visitors to offer the market, the outlook for housing .

Exhibitors demonstrate the development of construction industry not only capital but also in the country.

The task of the exhibition - to make people opportunities that would coincide with their desires, becoming ever pain st. It depends on future state.

Through such activities professionals real estate market of Ukraine have the opportunity nalahodzhuvaty new business contacts for successful business in all market segments.

"Housing-2008" - a highly specialized event that will be interesting not only for specialists but for ordinary citizens who want to buy or sell a home.

We hope that the annual exhibition of the "Housing", while the competition will become a good tradition.

I wish all participants in profitable and prospects contact them to facilitate the future prosperity! Good luck!
Viktor Kovalenko

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