Application for participation in the exhibition «Housing-2008»

Second All-Ukrainian Exhibition and Fair «Housing-2008»
Participation in the second specialized exhibition "Housing - 2008"
(8-10 October 2008)
Kiev, Pobedy, 40b
International Exhibition Center "ACCO INTERNATIONAL"

Name of organization for an inscription on the frieze
(15 marks )______________________________________________________________

Full name :___________________________________________________

Address :_________________________________________________________

Responsible person for the preparation of the exhibition (Name): _______________________________________________________________________

Tel / Fax :__________________ e-mail: _______________________________________

The main kind of activity :______________________________________________________________

1.Obov 'yazkovy registration fee (total advertising campaign of the exhibition, logo placement and information (up to 1500 characters) of the exhibitor in the exhibition catalog, 2 exhibition catalogs, 2 badges for stand 2 invitations to the banquet, cum party, hour security, cleaning) - 150 EUR


2.Obladnana exhibition space (installation and dismantling of the wall panels, fascia board, the inscription on the fascia board, socket, light, table, 2 chairs, carpet, waste basket) - 150 EUR / sqm (4 m)


3. Raw space (exhibition in the hall, without panels, signs, carpet-90 EUR / sqm

4. Workplace (table, 2 chairs) - 190 ? + registration fee - 150 EUR

5. Distribution of advertising products among exhibitors and visitors (leaflets, brochures) on the territory of the exhibition - 110 EUR for 1 000 copies or 2 promoters during the day -75 EUR Zamovlennya______________________________________________________________

6. "Participation in the exhibition (the right to place the logo and information in the exhibition catalog, cum party, 2 directories) - 210 EUR

8. Of lectures, seminars, promotions, etc. - 150 EUR / hour

9. Placing an advertising poster, banner, flag, shield on the territory
showroom - by appointment. Zamovlennya_______________________________________________________

10. The area of open ground in front of the pavilion -50 EUR / sqm (10 sqm)

11. Placement of advertisement in the catalog of the exhibition-forum
Full-band - 350 EUR, b / w stripe -240 EUR


Prices include VAT and HP.
Total payable :__________________________________________________________

IMPORTANT! For registration payment documents necessary for e-mail: sent: details of VAT registration, name and title of head of signing the contract, all the bank details for the preparation of contract, address.

Exhibitor _______________________ GG

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