Exhibition Program «Housing-2007»

First Ukrainian exhibition-forum «Housing-2007»: The participants, the program reviews
Official opening:
13.12.07 at 11.00 am (leadership invited the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Construction, KSCA, Ministry of Construction, ASNU, YTO, LIOU, UNIAN)

11.00 Getting Started

BLUE ROOM (1 st floor)
11.30-15.00 Workshop "Housing: from" A "to" I ". Speakers: Elena Sukmanov - k.yu.n, lawyer, director of the law firm Elite Consulting, Head of Legal Department of Ukrainian financial-consulting group, Dmitry Pavlenko, director of the Ukrainian Association of BTI.
15.00-15.30 Presentation of the study "Risks of construction companies in Ukraine and ways to minimize them. Andrew Birza, PRT Communication Group
16.00-18.00 Round table: "Forecasts and trends of mortgage lending, insurance market, estimated activity - National Mortgage Association, the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Society of Appraisers, the SMI, representatives of commercial banks.

Red Room (2 nd floor)
11.30 -13.00 "Primary and secondary market for residential real estate in Ukraine. Trends and Forecasts "- Alexander Bondarenko, Sergey Sinister - The Association of Realtors of Ukraine and Alexei Kiselev, a consulting company" Kansas "
13.00 -18.00 Workshop "Investments in construction. Lead-Ukrainian Construction Association.
18.00 End of Day

December 14
10.00 Getting Started
18.00 End of second day

December 15
10.00 Getting Started
16.00 Closing of the exhibition


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