Comments about the exhibition «HOUSING-2007»

First Ukrainian exhibition-forum «Housing-2007»: The participants, the program reviews
Zorev Sergei deputy chief of department of investments and sales of housing company Dniprovskyi circle "(Kiev):
- Everything is organized perfectly. Attended a seminar for free (it's free for exhibitors) and learned a lot of new and useful for the future.

Elena Savitskaya - Sales Manager LLC FC Toloka "(Kiev):

- We speak the words of gratitude to the organizers for having the courage to begin the first to organize highly specialized exhibition of real estate with narrow specialization and segmentation: housing, suburban real estate, commercial real estate. For them the future.

Elena Golovanova - leading specialist sales by Company Aston "(Kiev):

- The organizers strive for an exhibition from the advertising company exhibitions and ending buffet. We liked the building stands an ingenious solution: they were open and semi-open opposite each other without additional plpty for open stands. Exhibitors have seen each other and between us there were friendly relations at first glance. I liked that everything was close: a conference room, restaurant. At the cocktail party felt the friendly, homely atmosphere. Thank you. I wish the organizers of further success in the noble cause for the benefit of the Ukrainian state.

Borisova Natalia - Head of sales department "Teraks" (Odessa):

-We are grateful to the company "RealEkspo" for organizing and hosting the exhibition "Housing-2007" at a high level. Unlike other companies, all consistent with the software exhibitions, activities, scheme of the hall. Viktor Ivanovich like a cordial host, surrounded all participants warmth and care. It was the chamber, cozy. Thank you. Until we meet again at the next show.

Yana Chumak - Manager of Public Relations Corporation "Avantage" (Kharkov):

-Thanks to the organizers for the excellent organization. Due to bad weather and political uncertainty in the country, visitors were not very many, but they came purposefully - in order to acquire housing.

Ludmila Zasutskaya - Deputy Director, FC Interbudinvest "(Kiev):

-Thanks to the organizers and Exposervice. A week before the exhibition, we do not know how we participate and will look like next booth, but the competence and professionalism of Viktor Ivanovich (director of "RealEkspo") was struck. During the afternoon all the issues have been resolved positively.

Victoria Buksha - Manager, BC "Teksokom" (Donetsk):

-Organizers of the exhibition clearly adhered themes: residential real estate, and services associated with it. Homebuyers find here everything you need, and we, the future buyers and investors.

Inessa Smirnova - Specialist Alfa-Bank "(Kiev):

- Thanks to the organizers for professionalism in the seminars, "round table" on the mortgage and the press conference. Viktor owns themes, situations, well-chosen speakers and lecturers, why we owe him. We found the exhibition visitors and many useful contacts.

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