Application for participation in the ShowRooms

Exhibitions on residential and suburban real estate in Ukraine in 2014.
Logo forum on residential property

Participation in the showroom of residential and suburban real estate of Ukraine
Showroom of residential property
(22/23 March 2014)
Kiev, Obolonskiy Ave, 21b
SEC "Dream Town"

Name of organization for the inscription on the frieze
(15 characters )______________________________________________________________

Full name of organization :___________________________________________________

Mailing address :_________________________________________________________

Person responsible for preparation of the exhibition (full name): _______________________________________________________________________

Phone / Fax :__________________ e-mail: _______________________________________

Main type of activity :______________________________________________________________

1.Obyazatelny registration fee (total advertising campaign, logo and information (up to 1500 characters) of the exhibitor in the exhibition catalog, the exhibition catalog 2, 2 badges for stand 2 invitations to the banquet, party cum, round the clock security, cleaning) - 300 USD

2.Oborudovannya exhibition space (installation and removal of wall panels, fascia board, lettering on the fascia board, socket, light, table, 2 chairs, carpet, bin) - 250 USD / sq.m (4 m)

3. Raw exhibition space (exhibition in the hall, without panels, labels, carpet, $ 120 / sqm

4. Work place (table, 2 chairs) - $ 250 + registration fee - $ 300

5. Distribution of advertising materials among exhibitors and visitors (leaflets, brochures) in the exhibition area - $ 150 for 1000 copies of the promoter or two during the day - $ 100


6. Participation (the right to place a logo and information in the catalog of an exhibition cum party, 2 Catalog) - $ 250

8. Lectures, seminars, events, $ 150 / hour

9. Placing an advertising poster, banner, flag, in shield
showroom - by appointment. Заказ_______________________________________________________

10. Placement of advertisement in the directory
Full-color stripe - $ 400, black / white stripe - $ 250

Prices are inclusive of VAT and HP.

Total for payment :__________________________________________________________

IMPORTANT! To receive payment documents necessary for E-mail: send: VAT details, name and position of signing the contract, all the bank details to the treaty-making.

Exhibitor _______________________



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