Generic Ecovillages in Ukraine

The new settlement near Kiev
In Makarovskyy district of Kyiv region launched a new eco-villages --
bought the first section, the structure formed settlements.
Invited the new neighbors who are ready this year began to settle his estate.
More information - tel. 0443614907 (Vyacheslav)

Kiev region, Lubskoe
In Lubskom (50 km from Kyiv) is made the land into private ownership
Act on bezoplatnoy privatization.
The cost of processing -200 hryvnia per 1 sq.m..
Equal part provided for the spiritual-cultural center.
Contact: 8 (067) 2091144, 8 (044) 5925977 Peter

Kirovohrad region, farm Ruzhichevo

At the farm bought houses, lands may be taken separately.
The village sold the house. Nearby there is a pine forest, lake. Two families live permanently. Have apiary, grow vegetables, make blanks for the winter. The second man is constantly in prozhivayushy Ruzhichevo is Victor, and who holds a large apiary. Invite the neighbors.
Contact: 27320 Kirovograd region., Alexander rn, pp. Ruzhichevo
8 066 2559389, 8 (0522) 300709 Sergey Pichugin and Masha

Ecovillage "Favorite"
We are looking for like-minded people to establish settlements within the Kiev region (right bank) - it is desirable to young families with children. At the moment we were joined by 3 families. Our way of settlement and information about our family can be downloaded at / poselen / lubimoe.rar We also have a formal draft for the heads of rural and regional councils. The result of two months of our family is 25 hectares in the Obukhov region, but for our settlement is not enough space, and it is too hilly, with the head of the village council found a common language, wishing to obtain this land, left to pass the session in the village hall and beyond.
Lovers of "meditation" and other "esoteric" asked us not to bother.
Contacts: 8 050 3100242 Alex 8 050 3106500 Ludmila 8 (0522) 22 92 83 Valentine 8 (0522) 30 07 09 Olya 8 067 9541160 Vitaly Simonov 8 066 464 14 66,

Kiev Group "Creation"
Formed team of neighbors to create a tribal settlement.
Create a team of like-minded, and when it is formed, we proceed to seek and obtain the land.
In our view, the paramount, pending allotment of land to the tribal settlements, is unity, understanding and good-neighborly communication.
Also, we have created a detailed project settlement, which reflects our vision of the settlement. It contains answers to common questions: the form of plots, size, creating a community center, communication in the settlement, infrastructure, schools, etc.
If you have awakened a desire to create, create, create patrimony - welcome to our group. We will be happy to share with you their knowledge, share experiences, together embody the universal dream and the dream of everyone, and, of course, be your neighbors!
Contacts: 8 050 4623451 Alexander, 8 050 461 4484 Tatiana, www.

Accommodation in Kiev region

70 km near Kiev, is formed collective neighbors.
Contact: 8 (044) 563-31-86, 8096-2391569 Tanya; 8050-6828184 Alena

Settlement "native" Makarovsky reg
(p. Yurovka, Makarov District (about 70 km from Kyiv)
Number of ancestral homes - 16.
Contact: 8 (044) 546-06-91, 8-050-321-71-80 Yuri Fadeev

Settlement "Dew"

(Kagarlytsky rn, pp. Balyko-Schuchinka, ~ 100 km from Kyiv).
Results for the settlement of more than 30 sites. The terrain is very pretty - Kanev reservoir shore, the hills. Between the hills creeks, forest plantations.
Free sites in our settlement no longer exists. Remainder of the "dead souls" with which to work. And there is the next field, which can be drawn up. So who wants to can come and look around and if there is a desire to work towards gaining their homeland. Can draw at least 200 hectares. Only need to do it. To do this, look for 2.3 enterprising person.
Contact: 8 (044) 519-19-21, 8 (066) 296-38-43 Lena 8 (066) 341-22-77 Valeria forums/topic_14937_0_asc_0.html

Refreshment Valley Source ", Makarivsky district, Motyzhyn
Location: ~ 40 km, Zhitomir highway,
Team: ~ 56 families who had taken private property from 1 ha to 2 ha Land: ~ 56 sites free no. There is a construction. In the settlement of 10 families have lived.
Contact: Andrew Chobik 8 050 4105961

Settlement "Nutcracker"


Settlement group "Ekomysl", Makarivsky reg
Mestorospolozhenie: ~ 60 km, near to. Byszewy
Contacts: 8 066 2023739 Oksana

Settlement "Beautiful"
(Vasilkovsky district, ~ 40 km)
Formed team of neighbors.

Chernihiv city public organization "ancestral lands".
Form the first in Chernigov generic eco-village in Repkinskom area (45 km from Chernigov) in the area once the chronicle hail larch at the source of the river Belous. The settlement has about 40 people-families. There is room for all comers, good people who share ideas described in the books of Maigret.
Details on the site
Our location in Chernigov: Alexander, Julia, tel.: (0462) 630460, Sergei Nikolaevich, tel.: (0462) 661503 (raboch., call day), Mob.: 8-050-4653440, telegraf @ Svetlana, tel.: (0462) 620585, mob.: 8-050-9993415, Inna, tel.: (04622) 44305 (raboch., call day), Mob. : 8-063-4685951,
Our location in Slavutych: Vitali, mobile: 8-097-9471985 (Only SMS),

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