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Help for developers cottage towns and villages of Ukraine

Your benefits from the partnership
What do we offer?
Collaboration with developers cottage settlements and building sites in the suburbs
Services to sell homes in cottage settlements
The objectives underpinning the strategy, based on the concept, marketing strategy and include the following elements
Brief "RealEkspo"

With us buying a cottage or a townhouse transformed from dreams into reality.
Portal suburban - buying real estate in a cottage village in Ukraine.
Company RealEkspo offers you a mutually beneficial partnership for the sales and promotion of projects being built by your company, namely the use of a resource "RealEkspo - Portal suburban instead of its own content services, sales and marketing.

Your benefits from the partnership:

Allow yourself:
• focus on core business
• Reduce management costs
• Reduce the risk of attracting and HR

• Professional Team
• Personal client manager who is ready 24 * 7 to respond quickly to the renewed sense of your business needs
• Guaranteed professional support at all stages of the investment project

The commercial success of any project is largely determined by its technology advancement and technology sales. Companies can fail in the market, even producing high-quality facilities.
At the suburban real estate market more than 500 cottage settlements, and only a few can boast of its success. Wrong approach to any or all stages of the project will eventually affect the low level of sales or general lack thereof.
Our company specializes in technology marketing and sales of real estate. Plus, with our cooperation to guarantee you access to a wide range of primary information and allows you to receive the necessary expert advice in the company "RealEkspo"

What do we offer?
Conduct a marketing audit.
Traditionally, auditing is a summing-up work already done, and the marketing audit is used for evaluating the effectiveness of alternatives before a final decision.
Promotion of objects on the market. Development of marketing strategy.
Marketing strategy allows you to answer the questions: who to sell?; What to sell?, At what price to sell?; What marketing and sales channels to use? In the wrong direction marketing company expends great effort, without attaining the expected results.
Sales company RealEkspo "
If your company has developed a marketing strategy to promote the objects on the market, as well as PR and advertising campaign and in need of their quality implementation, in this case, you can use "RealEkspo" instead of creating its own sales force.
Organization (creation) and run the sales department.
Sales - is a scheme, the working structure of the different activities, which is occupied by a group of people. Our goal - so assemble these types of activities that engaged in them have worked together better than separately.
Complete service, "turnkey" for promotion and sales facilities.

Collaboration with developers cottage settlements and building sites in the suburbs:

Currently in Ukraine fully discredited itself ineffective method of sales through the involvement of a number of real estate agencies without giving them exclusive rights for selling homes.
The sad experience of recent years shows that the reluctance of Realtors compete with each other leads to the fact that their efforts to move the cottage village close to zero, but the result of sales of 99% of it.
This trend confirms the belief in the need to provide "exclusive right" to implement the households of one professional company and the parallel formation of an effective sales team, directly controlled by the investor / developer.

Services to sell homes in cottage settlements:

Terms of reference for designing the sales office;
Selecting optimally convenient office locations;
The development of architectural concept, the corresponding general style of the village;
Involvement sales management consultants, professionally trained, have experience in projects (specialists);
Organization of advertising and PR-campaigns;
Recommendations for the preparation of demonstration materials (brochures, folders and accessories in the corporate style);
Recommendations for the preparation of a video presentation;
Ongoing analysis (real time) the current sales figures;
A systematic record of customer on performance;
Monitoring of the real estate market trends and similar projects;
Organization of effective work with realtors;
Ensuring the proper tempo ( "climate") sales.

Analysis of sales figures and market monitoring allows to make quick adjustments to the concept of promotion of the project on the market in a timely manner and make recommendations to change the pricing policy and forms of mutual customers.
Attracting buyers for the cottage settlement must be based on a detailed plan, which provides various options for the project under certain scenarios suburban real estate market.
Planning - a strategy to attract customers based on standard techniques, which each time adapted to the specific project.
Strategy to attract buyers in the cottage village is the basis of comprehensive brokerage services provided by the Academy REALEXPO.

The objectives underpinning the strategy, based on the concept, marketing strategy and include the following elements:
Start time of the project to attract customers;
Task Force: a mass or a chosen segment;
Methods of work: personal presentation, mass mailing, etc.
Consultants, architects and brokers, working in one project, always carry out the exchange of information, which is another argument in favor of selecting a professional consultant for the implementation of built cottages.

Brief "RealEkspo"
Within 3 years of active work in the real estate market "RealEkspo, the first in Ukraine conducted a nationwide exhibition" Residential Real Estate "," Commercial "," HOUSING "," INVESTMENTS IN REAL ESTATE ", the Ukrainian Investment Forum, an independent Ukrainian competition" cottage МІСТЕЧКО " . The company is the owner of commercial real estate portal in Ukraine and suburban real estate portal in Ukraine, conducted market research market cottage villages in Kiev and the region. In the near future will be a market study cottage towns of Ukraine. Real Estate Agency RealEkspo is a member of ASNU, UBA. The company has accumulated a unique experience, as investor projects and with clients interested in buying real estate. The basis is to create a favorable climate of sales - is a philosophy of life in the business, defining the specific steps to achieve goals.
"RealEkspo occupies a leading position in the market to develop concepts of real estate development (of the total of conceptualizing the use of land to full readiness to enter the building site), research and investment.
An integrated approach to building sites, effective selection of materials and technology combined with a deep understanding of the customer's interests is the "three pillars" on which is based activities "RealEkspo.
In other words, we know everything about real estate and its customers!

Make an appointment for a more detailed discussion of possible options for cooperation can be by phone: +380503844498 or contact by e-mail

Price statistics of cottage townships in UAH

Region03.2020 04.2020
Odessa region2357923579
Kharkiv region1875218752
Zaporozhye region1784017840
Kyiv region1641016410
Chernivtsi region1610416104
Kherson region1560015600
Dnepropetrovsk region1465414654
Transcarpathian region1440914409
Lviv region 1440114401
Mykolaiv region1306513065
Vinnytsia region1214812148
Cherkasy region1198711987
Kirovograd region1196011960
Ivano-Frankivsk region1186511865
Volyn region1059410594
Rivne region1049410494
Chernihiv region1000010000
Ternopil region96469646
Sumy region91159115
Zhytomyr region87978797
Khmelnytsky region86658665
Poltava region55495549


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