Draft cottage community on water

Houses on the water in Kiev and its environs.
The project to build town houses on the water.
Elite suburb of Kiev, the channels with crystal clear vody, sandy beaches, marinas for yachts and boats.
Little House on the banks of the forest lake, river or sea - the cherished dream of many. And the wealthy man, the more he thinks about moving away from the urban bustle and close to untouched piece of land. But how to realize this same dream, when confronted with many problems on the allotment of land, construction, imperfect legislation. The alternative is, and this alternative - a houseboat. Of course, the house on the water - is a complex engineering structure, in which to combine beauty, majesty and comfort of an apartment house with the strength, stability, unsinkability, autonomous navigation and functionality of a passenger vessel. And as any ship, house on the water requires special attention and training in its operation and ensure safe mooring.

The project is partially realized in the form of exclusive homes on the water.

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