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BUILDING - magazine for buyers of quality urban and suburban real estate at number 16 in 2008, carries out an independent examination cottage "Country".
"Country", 15 km from the PPC, smt Kozin, Obukhov district
Cottage towns, built specifically for long-term lease - while innovation in the Ukrainian market. Those who wish to rent a house in an organized full-fledged settlement yet have written a waiting list. This format is ideal for those who want to experience the advantages of suburban life, but not yet made up his mind to become the owner of your own home.
The territory of the town is decorated with colorful landscapes Concha Zaspa
Developer / contractor:
JSC Construction & Engineering company "BIC"
Start / Completion:

Walls: brick
Front: decorative plaster
Roof: metal
Windows: Aluminum
Water: artesian well
Sewer: centralized
Heating: gas boilers
Power supply: two independent sources
Telecommunications: Satellite TV, Internet, city digital telephone lines
Customer service: own

Internal infrastructure
Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, fitness center, pool, billiard room, gymnasium, two tennis courts, volleyball and mini football, a restaurant, a pavilion for a barbecue, modern children's playground, guest parking for 20 cars, security service

Territory: landscaping, landscape design, two natural lakes, beach area

The area of the village, ha: 5
Number of homes: 17
Area homes, apt. m: 170, 240, 320

Price of home $ per month: 7000, 9000.13 000
** In March 2008

Obukhovskaya trail
Nearby villages:
smt Kozin

The project was implemented in two phases: the first house was built and put into operation in 2002, the town completed a full two years ago. Today, "Country" - one of the few functioning suburban complexes, offering temporary residence. The size of a small town - a 5 hectares have placed 17 houses. The following options for settlement: five town houses on 170 square meters. m, six townhouses on 240 square meters. m and three cottages on 320 square meters. m. in the village operate two modern playgrounds, two tennis courts, volleyball and indoor soccer and sports complex with two swimming pools. One of them (a large sports complex) includes the 25-meter pool, fitness room, table for table tennis, billiard room, sauna and Turkish bath, relaxation rooms.

For the settlement offer three types of houses

The diversity of infrastructure makes the town a full-fledged country complex

For banquets and celebrations operates a restaurant with covered terrace. By the amenities of the village infrastructure can consider the presence of guest parking for 20 vehicles, independent sources of electricity, heating, access to service in each cottage and condominium units, satellite television, urban digital telephone lines, Internet access. The settlement provides for clock patrolling, operating and technical service department. On a regular basis, grass cutting, garbage removal, cleaning of adjacent territory, maintenance of domestic equipment houses.
Asphalted roads with pedestrian zones, is executed landscape design. In addition, in the town of undeveloped beach area with white sand, and in two natural lakes good for fishing - have the opportunity to live fish.

All the condominiums and cottages built on the author's project, have internal garage space, furnished with Italian furniture, household and electronic appliances, are equipped with all necessary for comfortable living and technical communications. Over $ 7000 per month you can rent a standard town house 170 square meters. m, consisting of two bedrooms, large living room, kitchen, dining room, garage. The house features a fireplace, and the house territory located gazebo and barbecue. In the area of 240 square townhouses. m - three bedrooms, lounge and two bathrooms. These amenities will cost $ 9000 per month. Rent a cottage of 320 square meters. m probably for $ 13 000. The rent includes utilities, use the parking lot for cars and free use of the two sports complexes. Rent a cottage or a townhouse in the town "Country" on the basis of signing the contract, which provides long-term residence (not less than a month). It is also necessary to guarantee the amount of monthly payment stay, which will be returned to the tenant at the end of the lease term.

Cottage town "Country" is located in the Obukhov direction, between the elite village of Golden Gate and the village Kozin. There are separate entrances to the territory. Advantages of the town completes the picturesque landscape landscapes Concha Zaspa having the status of the resort of national importance. Pluses of this trend: the homogeneous social environment, elite buildings, various infrastructure appropriate level, high quality tracks. The status of the area is unique. A large number of restaurants and entertainment centers, located nearby, will allow villagers to carry out diverse leisure.

For the convenience of the residents there are two entrance to the town


Head of Legal Department

"Exemplary cottage village that combines the unique natural data, the proximity to the city, the ability to place accents in architecture and the lack of financial risks.

Alexander SAS

"Despite the fact that compare the rental and sale of housing is difficult enough, this village can be called a good business project. In the category of rental cottage villages is the best and only fully completed project. "


"Since the village is built, commissioned and operational, the potential financial risks are completely absent.
"Rent on the basis of the signing of the treaty and make a deposit amount.
"Protected landscapes Concha Zaspa - one of the best options for accommodation cottage community and attractive to the consumer.
"Price is justified popularity of the area and is competitive in the absence of alternative proposals in the cottage settlements. Before the advent of the best project will be always in demand.
"Standard" filling ", supplemented by author's design - not a new phenomenon, but necessary and popular.
"Despite the small size of the settlement, internal infrastructure offers a wide range of facilities for a full life, but there are no shops and medical facilities. "Location of the village known for its favorable microclimate, good transport access and beautiful scenery. Infrastructure area, continuing to actively develop, will enable people to hold diverse campus recreation.

Building to the project cottage "Country" by 44 points. While the concept of object focus exclusively on renting the property, this town - a full-fledged suburban complex with the necessary comfort amenities. Moreover, judging from the reviews of experts, this object in many respects can be called exemplary.

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