You need to know about Geology, to build a house

03.05.2013 00:15
Articles about the construction | You need to know about Geology, to build a house Since the 1990s, low-rise cottage buildings erected without relevant geological engineering survey. What caused it, we see quite clearly: in many cottages today sagged, gave a crack, and their cellars are flooded groundwater.. How to understand what is under thy house, a correspondent of the RBC-real Estate" talks with the chief specialist of the company "Союзгеопром Service" (SRSG), candidate of technical Sciences Igor Сауковым.

- In the market of country housing a large amount occupy plots without a contract, people buy land and start to build a house themselves. In any cases before the construction of private homes it is necessary to conduct geological engineering survey?

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- If people wanted to build something big (two-storey house with a basement, or pool), it's still recommended to conduct geological engineering survey. Better to spend money on «Geology» and find out what is under your future building. My advice is not to save on engineering Geology.

Soil is a layer cake, you want to explore, to calculate the load and understand a need Foundation (belt, on a bed or on stilts)to know which communications are the place of future construction, etc.

- And what for to conduct survey for individual homes, because during the construction of water-intake facility such work, most likely, were performed for the entire village?

- Unfortunately, our legislation allows you to "generalize" survey for the territory of the whole project and not to its individual objects. In principle, examining the ground in one place, the Builder may assume that in a certain radius from the drilled well, the ground will be the same. But this is often not the case. It happens that the "Geology" varies wells drilled in 10 metres from each other. Nobody knows what happened with this land "up to you". May be, were brought here the ground trucks, or at a small mind with hill was formed quicksand. If you want to be sure that the house will stand for a long time, will not crack, do research required. The easiest way to save is not to build anything new, and therefore not to carry out engineering-geological works. But if you still decided to build something, surveys need to do full. For each house in the village.

- What starts geological surveys for the future home?

- Work in the funds, archives. The study plans of communications relating to the plot allocated for construction. And only then geologists out in the field and carry out sampling of soil and water by drilling, static and dynamic probing, testing of soils stamp. Next, you should perform laboratory research of soils with subsequent office processing laboratory data. Only after that the organisation may issue a comprehensive report, making a conclusion about possible variants of construction.

- Do I need a license to perform this type of work?

- In 2010, licensing has been replaced by the membership in the self regulating organizations (SRO). I must say that self-regulation has a positive Outlook, but currently still in the development stage, it has not become easier. Fully licensing is not cancelled. For example, "Союзгеопром Service" was forced to issue a license to the FSB to work on спецобъектах.

- These were the engineering-geological surveys some secret construction objects?

- No, just everything that is connected with cartography in our country, while still "classified" and requires a license secret services.

- Why are selected the water samples in the field of engineering-geological works?

- Bases of buildings and constructions experiencing load not only on the weight of the building, they are also exposed to corrosive groundwater, causing corrosion of concrete structures and as a consequence the loss of their strength. Engineering Geology and hydrogeology are inseparably connected, the curricula of students in many respects, and in industrial conditions Hydrogeologists and engineering geologists often work together. And in General, investigations need to later the Foundation of the house flooded.

- What type of work at engineering-geological researches is the most responsible and time-consuming?

- Difficult question, as all the stages of geological engineering survey are equally important. Error made by one of the specialists at any stage of the research, there are serious consequences. Naturally, the work of drillers and field geologists least comfortable. These specialists have to work in any weather, in different regions and situations.

- What techniques do you use in your work?

- For sampling rocks СГПС uses drilling rigs UrB-2А2, UGB-1ВС, and also a complex of the equipment manufactured by the Moscow experimental plant of drilling equipment for execution of various special works.

- Does "Союзгеопром Service other types of work?

- Being part of the group of companies "Гидроинжстрой", СГПС also produces repair boreholes, using the methods of geophysical research and downhole video surveillance.

- Work engineer-geologist complicated, but still not too much you learn, College, Institute, postgraduate study?

- Geology is not simply a complicated industry, but also high-tech and very interesting work. In Greek Geology is the science about the earth. Many geologists starting to learn their future profession from the middle and lower classes of the school. Children and youth geological movement, which we actively support within the framework of cooperation with МосГео, develops more than 50 years. So for me, as for most geologists, they are a work and a hobby. In addition, the cooperation of our company with the scientific community, universities, research institutes, laboratories requires me and all employees to be aware of new developments in technology.

- Let's return to the topic of our interview. Is it possible to save on engineering-geological researches?

- It is necessary to find the optimal ratio of three parameters : price, quality and terms. On the eve of its decade СГПС fixes rates, improving the quality and seeks to reduce terms of execution of works.
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