Wooden houses below the big city

16.11.2010 00:00
Articles about the construction | Wooden houses below the big city Article about the advantages of the buildings made of wood - strength and durability, environmental friendliness, the budget - this is not a complete list of advantages of wooden holiday home.
Almost every person living in a large metropolis, dreaming of how someday he will be away from all the noise, bustle and polluted air! Will be in his small cottage, or at least giving. And the moment comes when he has the tools, the possibilities for the realization of this long-held dream. Now our hero arises choice of what actually build.

Wooden houses still retain their relevance. Moreover, they have a certain number of advantages over its direct competitors. Of course brick or block house looks very solid. These materials are very reliable and does not have a very bad construction and performance. But it was a wooden house gives fantastic comfort. That tree has been and will be a priority, environmentally friendly building materials.

Of course there also has its flaws, let alone without them. Wooden houses are most flammable. Wood not decay, when it settled not quite friendly parasites. But despite this, an increasing number of newly builders prefer it to a tree. Modern treatment of this material betray him strength and durability. Houses built of wood, excellent keep warm during the harsh winter frosts and summer they are filled with cool spring.

There are a number of more serious factor was the reason for the construction of wooden houses. Modern construction technologies make it possible to implement any architectural and planning solutions that make your building will be unique and stylish.

Another important factor is the construction budget. Wooden houses much cheaper than brick, which really is important in severe crisis. It is also worth noting that the construction of a wooden house cottage requires minimal training of the chosen site, and minimum turnaround time.

I myself have more than five years living in a two-storey cottage. Believe me, this coziness and warmth will not give any other building material. Since ancient times our ancestors were building wooden houses, and there is no other place where we would feel more comfortable!
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