Where to start building his house

12.10.2012 01:15
Articles about the construction | Where to start building his house Cost of living (high home prices, inaccessible mortgage) increases the potential for people to solve "housing problem" yourself - leave the city and build a house with his own hands. For many, building their own homes on their own land - it is less expensive option than buying an apartment in the capital.

Director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko tell about the first steps in the construction of a private house.

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Prior to the start of construction to the site must be available and communication. At least, electricity. As for the water, if the area has no running water, or you can dig a well to bring water into the tank to the building site. Without the supply of electricity and water can not build a house.

The next step is to plan for the site. It is necessary to determine the place on which to build a house, where you place your garage and other outbuildings. Usually proportional to the size of the house in the area of ​​1 to 10. That is, if you have an area of ​​10 acres, the area of ​​the first floor of the house should be no more than 100 square meters. m

Next, you need to pick up the project at home. To do this, you need to decide: for what purpose you are building a house? How many people will be living in it? Seasonally or permanently? Based on the answers to these questions, decide which area of ​​the house you will build - a small house on 80 sqm. m, average - 150 "squares" or large - more than 200 square meters. m, how many bedrooms will be in the house, and so determine the size and destination of the house, you can go to the selection of the project.

In the market there are two types of houses: typical and individual.

In terms of quality and speed of building a house on standard designs are of unquestionable advantage. First of all, because the sample project - it is usually the result of some kind of building evolution. That is, the project was created. According to it, started to build. As usual, revealed some shortcomings of project documentation, construction techniques, etc. In the end, the whole experience is the basis for the next, improved home, and again on it collects information. And arise on the basis of trial and error, experience, and find effective solutions necessary and popular types of projects.

In terms of speed of construction the answer too obvious. All the standard design construction technology worked. It is already proven practices and life design and construction solutions. That is, there is, in principle, all established, organization utryaseny, all the nuances that may occur during construction, accounted for. Construct a standard design - this means avoiding mistakes in the construction and operation problems. A typical project can be on any type of home. Under different area, architecture, etc. A typical project is almost always finalized with the wishes of individual customers.

Another advantage of the model project is that it is not necessary to agree with the officials, as opposed to the individual. Architectural features in the model homes often relate the interior layout and facade solutions. In economic terms, the vast majority of customers prefer to standard designs. First of all, because they are cheaper. If we talk about the cost of the simplest model of the project, which includes only the perimeter walls, the basic structure of the facade and layout without the parts and components, it can be bought for 20-40 thousand rubles.

Development of individual projects involved design offices. Individual projects are usually ordered for homes large area. Instead, they customer can realize all your ideas and suggestions. It is worth remembering that such a project would cost significantly more, and the house will be built on it longer.

Another important choice - technology and the material from which to build a house. Now there is a huge selection of houses. Brick houses, wooden houses, houses of foam blocks to finish the facade stone or decorative plaster, composite home - ground floor of concrete blocks, trimmed with stone, the second - a wooden, frame-panel houses.

Fabricated homes are designed for summer residence and summer use. In order to turn them into a home for living, you need to make an extra layer of insulation, an additional wall to invest in additional finishes. While these alterations lost the main advantage of this technology - low cost and construction time.

For our climate zone is best-proven and Foam brick houses, trimmed with decorative plaster or stone. This is the most appropriate material. They are very warm, not usedayut, capital. Wooden houses have many advantages, but there are difficulties. First of all, the frame must be constructed to stand at least a heated winter before will shrink. Only then can spend it all communications and finish construction. It is worth noting the fact that the wooden house will stand for 50-60 years, and the stone will last up to 80 years.

The next question is - is the organization of the construction process. There are two ways of building a country house. The first way - the owner is building their own, performing the duties of the superintendent, hiring workers, purchasing materials, monitors the quality of work performed. The second way - the owner hires a construction company. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods of construction?

The main advantage of hiring a team of builders relative cheapness. Often in practice the savings is very doubtful. First of all, because in this case has to manage the process yourself to the customer. Builders recruit, organize workflow and monitor the quality of the work. The main difficulty in this method of construction - assessment of the quality of work performed. Indeed, by and large, very few people know all the details of the construction process. So do the job at a decent level, without being an expert in construction, the owner can not.

Almost always, when it comes to building a similar fashion, the initial cost of the services of workers in the construction process often increases. These additional volumes may increase the original cost of the construction of 50% of the originally agreed budget. And even if all goes well, and no guarantee of such "builders" you will not get any further and the difficulties associated with imperfections, defects or flaws in the construction of the house, stay on your shoulders.

Sound approach - is to hire professional builders. In this case, the client is freed from all the hassle, he guaranteed quality work and timeliness of construction. Very important is the fact that the builder gives a guarantee on all their work. That is, if something happens during the operation, all the defects are removed by builders and the client will not be any cost. Another important point - saving on the purchase prices of construction materials. Construction companies have established long-term relationships with suppliers of building materials, which guarantee a discount of 10-15% of the purchase price. Often, the difference between the cost of building materials in the construction company and the market is between 10-20%. All calculations with the construction company transparent. Customer sees as will be laid bricks, how many blocks as lumber. He can count and check. Initially determined estimates, fully understand all the costs. Therefore, any problems that arise during the construction phase - this is a problem of the builder.
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