What should be the correct greenhouse?

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Articles about the construction | What should be the correct greenhouse? Coming series of May holidays, and for the majority of Ukrainians, this means that they will go to their suburban areas. Someone just roast shashlik someone to prepare the land and work hard, and some will combine business with pleasure! Almost every summer resident has a greenhouse, where he grows favorite vegetables and herbs . Special difficulties in dealing with greenhouse, usually does not occur , there are only a few nuances:

Advance should consider ways of heating , because that depends on many things, including the choice of crops , planting dates and location of the most greenhouse. Since autumn need to dig the soil, making it a large number of garden compost and 35 g of compound fertilizer per square meter .

Beds we do as follows: three beds , two that along the glass, 70 cm, Central - 50 cm, and the passages between them 50 cm If you make fewer passes will be crowded, especially if in the greenhouse will work man big body .

As for the height of three beds , they are left to your discretion , but make them higher than the height of the passageway , not necessarily , if only for the beauty and functionality is quite small . Device high beds is justified only in cases where a small distance from the surface lie groundwater.

Selecting crops for growing in a greenhouse is very diverse : it cucumbers, tomatoes , eggplants, peppers , several kinds of salads, fountain onion, parsley, celery, fennel , spinach , radishes , sorrel beans . Of course , you do want to grow all at once, and as much as possible , but if you are a beginner cottager , then stop for tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Over time , when there will be skills in a greenhouse , you can try to grow other crops .

Eggplants should be grown outdoors only - they are very " jealous " - do not tolerate any neighborhood and can not tolerate dense plantings .

Before growing staple crops can be planted in the ground cold- greenhouse plants , which will give an early harvest : fennel, watercress, Chinese cabbage , lettuce and mustard salad . Radishes, unfortunately, rarely survives in greenhouses, and sometimes does not give the root crop , which we do not recommend you put there .

Cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers have different requirements for light, temperature and humidity , but despite this , they live together in a greenhouse - you can even three beds to plant different crops. Support is necessary to arrange in advance for cucumbers and tomatoes for , and tie at planting tomatoes and cucumbers in the second or third day , when it begins to take root .

Tomatoes should be 2-3 times fertilize calcium nitrate , they are very sensitive to the presence of calcium in the soil . If the soil before planting humus or manure was applied in sufficient quantity, the tomatoes do not need to be fed , otherwise it will be too much greenery and little fruit . Two-row planting pattern cucumbers - 80 x 60 x 35 cm or 90 x 50 x 35 cm, or one-liner - 70 X 35 cm

Cucumbers in greenhouses grow on a vertical trellis . To do this on each row of plants at a height of two meters and a half to stretch the two rows of wire and tie the twine to it , the bottom of which is a loop -free anchoring at the root " neck " . For better lighting plant one row to tie it to the right , then to the left wire , thus obtaining a V-shaped trellis - all cucumbers enough sun!

As seal the edges well with tomato beds podseyat parsley and cucumbers to be ideal neighbors beans or beans . Peppers can be planted in staggered to 6-7 plants per 1 m. m without fear thicken landing. Experience shows that the more closely than they , the greater harvest. Maintenance is reduced to timely watering , fertilizing and shaped bush.

With the onset of warm weather shelter on light day should be removed , first partially and then completely, otherwise the plants may die from the heat. To accustom them to the outdoors gradually, starting from half a day. With the onset of cooler weather shelter will not touch . Depending on whether you want to heat the greenhouse and in what way , the timing of fruiting can be extended up to the cold weather .

Let greenhouse and caring hands will bring you as much as possible the harvest !
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