What should be a cottage?

28.09.2010 15:40
Construction of a cottage holiday starts with the selection of the site. Further, even for the lightest cottage is necessary to study the geological conditions of soil base.

And, of course, requires thoughtful architectural design cottage. Should determine which environmental factors will make your vacation complete, in accordance with your taste. If building a cottage on the bank is supposed, be sure to find the water balance of the reservoir, to avoid the waterlogging, and the availability of water and environmental areas.

Need to find out whether you will use the technique to relax and just keep it at this point. For a short rest advisable to arrange a full room for equipment and a canopy over the parking garage instead of cars.

The total area of the cottage, probably not exceed 100-120 m2. Therefore, it can be one storey. Important orientation to the cardinal points and a reasonable layout approaches and entrances. Ideally, the entrances to the garage and entrances should be located on the north side, and accommodations to go south, south-east, with views of nature.

Verandas and open terraces oriented to the southwest. However, please note that the orientation of the compass can be changed for the sake of unique species, which opens from the windows. The cottages of this type are usually reduced to a minimum area of sleeping rooms by increasing the total area of the room. Often, living room, kitchen, dining hall and even combined in one space. Communication between areas of the house should also be minimized.

Architectural and planning decisions should allow cottage organically fit into the natural environment, do not block the specific points. Pay special attention to improvement of the site - it is an essential part of high-quality environment. The ideology of his arrangement is NCCA plays an existing natural landscape and its elements are similar in scale to man. For example, the paving should be used only for the most needed areas - doorways and paths to the house, in the lowlands.

Engineering equipment cottage holds a simplified scheme. Recommend the use of mixed heating systems - heating with electric radiators. It will maintain a constant zero temperature in a cottage at the expense of electricity and the rapid heating of the premises for the arrival of the hosts. In this case, removes the problem of freezing the water supply system. Stoves and fireplaces are not only the radiators, but also regulate the humidity in the room. In addition, an open fire is itself a recreational factor.

Any construction entails the flow of substantial funds, not to mention the emotional experiences. It is therefore understandable desire of developers to minimize costs and achieve the best functional design solutions. The most accessible method is to co-operation, a reasonable reduction of the premises with the repeat function for the joint construction of facilities.

Another avenue for more efficient use of cottages is renting the premises or part thereof for rent. If you have a rest occasionally, in your absence in the cottage can accommodate others. There are cottages planning scheme that allows to distinguish several functional areas, allowing your guests a good rest, never stepping into the closet of the house.
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