What buy garden furniture: 5 tips

11.11.2013 00:30
Articles about the construction | What kind of garden furniture you buy? Choosing garden furniture, you need to consider several important factors that affect convenience, safety and beauty of such furniture. Let us understand, what are the advantages and disadvantages of one kind or another. The main materials of which can be made garden furniture:
rods, vine and other (wicker furniture)

Wicker furniture

A very popular type of outdoor furniture, such as furniture is beautiful, convenient and easily fits in most open spaces, whether balcony, terrace or garden. However, we must remember, that this furniture is quite sensitive to weather conditions, in a climate of most regions such furniture can be used only in summer dry weather. If you want to see the wicker furniture in his garden longer, look for furniture from artificial rattan, it will look almost as natural, but will last longer Yes and care for it will be much easier.

In case of selection of natural material (rattan, willow switch, bamboo, algae) requires that such furniture was covered with a protective lacquer which will prolong its life and will protect from the influence of changeable weather.

Conclusion: the furniture is light, comfortable and beautiful, but the capricious and susceptible to weather conditions. In the case of the use of artificial rattan can stand outdoors for much longer furniture, made of natural material.

Plastic furniture

Perhaps the most common garden furniture. Such furniture can be very beautiful, but it, unfortunately, is short-lived. Plastic attracts us to the relative cheapness and ease. In addition, plastic, resistant to moisture, so it is safe to leave on the street during a rain.

In the application also it is quite capricious - reacts to temperature changes, not always it can be left outdoors. In the winter of such furniture can't leave in the street, because a decrease in temperature affect its durability. Sun-furniture of plastics also need to leave with caution since it may damage from direct sunlight or fade. Moreover, if such furniture crashes in most cases it can not be repaired, and it will have to be disposed.

Conclusion: the furniture is cheap, easy, convenient to use, but at the same time, short-lived and unpractical.

Wooden furniture

Eco-friendly and perfectly blends into the natural landscape option, but as a natural material such furniture can be very sensitive to the weather, the sun, rain and snow. But the output is: if the impregnation of a protective coating such furniture can be quite durable. Soak furniture with antiseptic and covered with a protective lacquer, that it will serve you longer.

Conclusion: the furniture is practical, comfortable, environmentally friendly, provided appropriate care will last you a very long time.

Furniture made of metal

Furniture from the metal is also very common, because it is more resistant to changing weather conditions and is suitable for most of terraces and gardens. This furniture is durable, subject to periodic update of the coating and the use of special paints.

The two most common types: forged furniture made of cast iron and furniture from metal alloys. Forged furniture made of cast iron or other kind of metal weighs a lot and not as mobile as we would wish. Furniture made of alloys are much lighter, more mobile, but she is more fragile, can bend or break.

Furniture made of metal, usually requires seats, textiles, pillows, a combination with a tree, as it heats up quickly and the heat and cools rapidly in freezing weather. In our weather conditions without combining metal with other materials such furniture most of the time will only decoration of the garden, but will not perform its role of a piece of furniture.

Conclusion: durable, strong, but must be combined with textiles and wood.

Furniture made of stone

Furniture made of stone are not so familiar to us as the other types. However, sometimes we can see a stone bench as an element of landscape art, and yet this furniture is more habitual for urban parks, than to private gardens. The stone is a natural material, but it needs to be combined with other materials and metal furniture to the furniture was suitable for use. Stone easily make small tables, sculptural groups and other elements of the garden, but the chairs and benches better to be of a different material.

Conclusion: the most durable type of furniture, but perhaps the most unsuitable for use.

Choosing furniture, be guided by the fact how long it will be under the open sky. If you want all the year round to see in your garden furniture, use a metal, stone or plastic. If you can move furniture in a covered shelter during bad weather and cold, can opt for wood or wicker furniture.
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