What is the heating needed in the country?

09.10.2010 11:40
In order to determine the heating problem, should be clearly understood that we mean by the word "problem". Everyone understands it differently.<br /><br />We will consider giving a home where people do not live permanently, and come back for holidays, weekend or vacation. Therefore, heat is constantly giving is not necessary, but at the time of arrival of the owner of the premises should be giving to heat quickly enough, but better in advance. Profitability is important, but it is still in second place.<br /><br />Solid fuel stove to testify may look quite elegant<br /><br />Selecting the alternative heating problem you need to analyze the specific situation, namely: to compare the character designs holiday homes (primarily for its fire), its location in relation to the nearest power lines, transformer stations and communication, as well as figuring out how things work in specific areas with different kinds of energy - coal, diesel fuel, gas, etc.<br /><br />The most common form of heating problem - an electric heating system. Village houses are usually located not so compact as the cottage village, which is usually complex conduct electricity, water and gas. Cottage can be sufficiently removed from the main communications and settlements. Therefore, the truckers fewer options in the choice of heating system than the owners of capital of country houses. This technical aspect of the situation. But there is another economic aspect - the cost of the heating problem. Therefore, to analyze the total cost of the heating problem.<br /><br />Oil heater does not burn oxygen, has a reasonable price. Well suited for the heating problem<br /><br />All variants of heating systems can be categorized by the type of coolant and a source of energy.<br />Allocate such a system:<br /><br />- Electric heating;<br />- Air heating;<br />- Water;<br />- Steam.<br /><br />Heating equipment, in turn, is divided into:<br /><br />- Electrical;<br />- Gas;<br />- Fuel oil;<br />- Solid.<br /><br />All options have advantages and disadvantages. The most expensive form of fuel - diesel oil, the cheapest - natural gas. Understand the need and the fact that in the case of solid or liquid fuel you're not just paying for diesel fuel or coal, but also for its transport and storage. With the electricity problems are much less, but shortages of its supply in rural areas in Ukraine, unfortunately, not uncommon.<br /><br />Thus, choosing the option of heating problem should be considered:<br /><br />- The cost of fuel;<br />- The cost of the heating system and all components;<br />- Installation costs, if the installation is stationary;<br />- The cost of preventive maintenance and service.<br /><br />In addition, it makes sense to consider two main options for exploitation problem:<br /><br />- Cottage, visited occasionally;<br />- Cottage, used for relatively long stays.<br /><br />As a rule, are used to give periodic live in the cold season, so a stationary heating system has no reason to.<br /><br />1. Cottage temporary accommodation<br /><br />This type of summer homes, usually with no signs of capital construction. They are made of lightweight, usually wooden structures and are designed to stay mainly in the warmer months when the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is low. Accordingly, there are high demands on the thermal conductivity of exterior walls. Electric heaters or furnace type heaters are a perfectly acceptable version of the heating problem. If the owners are planning to live in a house in a cold season, is not only to choose other options for heating such a problem, but also to warming of the structure.<br /><br />2. Cottage Long Stay<br /><br />This home has all the hallmarks of capital construction. It is likely equipped with hot and cold water supply, sanitation and electrified. But most importantly, he collected not from the shield panels or even of aerated concrete. It is built from brick or concrete, and its walls can be a reliable basis for the installation of water heating systems. However, this does not mean that such problem should be provided with a fixed heating system, which is quite expensive. The key is that such a house allows you to choose from a much larger number of cases heating and retains heat longer.<br /><br />Requirements for the heating problem<br />If you use only as a seasonal cottage accommodation, does not make sense to equip its stationary expensive heating system. Not only for financial calculations, but also because such heating systems are usually designed for a long, continuous operation, and require almost constant care and supervision. To give more suitable heating system, which requires fewer resources on maintenance and care in the offseason. Therefore, most likely, it makes no sense to consider a system of water and oil heating, including boiler and piping system.<br /><br />Not the best option for giving a central air heating system in which the house is permeated with a network of ducts, for which the fan propels air heated in a separate chamber. Such a system is capable of heating to heat the house quickly enough, and that's a plus. However, such an air heating system is not safe to leave unattended for a long time.<br /><br />The very air heating system and its installation is not cheap, fun to assemble it for occasional use in the country. However, if the cottage is used for a long stay, this option can be heat treated.<br /><br />For the heating problem fit electric fireplaces that look almost like real<br /><br />To testify, which is used occasionally, most recommended the following options for heating systems:<br /><br />- Furnaces for solid fuels;<br />- Local gas heating;<br />- Local air heating;<br />- Electric heating IFC or converter.<br /><br />All these options make it possible to give heating to heat the room quickly enough, for example, if you choose to celebrate the New Year did not testify. However, the first two options require a fuel, the second two - DC power supply that is not always the case in the country. Therefore, as a rule, essentially an electric version of the heating problem useful to have, and back, for example, solid fuel stove.<br /><br />Furnace for solid fuel to testify<br />On the positive side of the heating problem can be attributed fairly rapid heating facilities and relatively small size. Usually oven is made of iron or steel, and has no internal dymooborotov. The furnace is connected directly to the chimney. However, they accumulate heat slightly and after the furnace cools down quickly enough. Neteploemkie furnace is often called the makeshift.<br /><br />The walls of these furnaces are heated strongly enough, so frequently to him burns a considerable amount of dust. This heating does not recommend use of summer cottages in a residential area. Furnaces are used where people stay is temporary. However, they have been used successfully in drying facilities, for example, in the construction process. The heat capacity of such furnaces sometimes increase, making the surface of the finned or spreading inside ceramics.<br /><br />Local gas heating problem<br />Installations for the local heating problem, operating on natural gas, have a high emissivity. They are able to heat the room for 15-20 minutes (depending on volume). In this case, they are often higher heat capacity than conventional heating systems for solid fuels. Since they are fitted with special elements (heat accumulators) that accumulate heat and cool off for a long time. On such a furnace can also be prepared, giving a double benefit for questioning. Connect this furnace can as the gas cylinder and a stationary gas pipeline system, if any. However, gas central heating problem more complicated and requires certain skills in the operation. Price of gas heating problem at 30-50% higher than that of the solid.<br /><br />Heating heaters have a very large expansion of capacity<br /><br />Of the air and convective heating<br />Under the local air and convective heating understand heaters, convectors, oil radiators. It can also be attributed and electric fireplaces. Total positive feature in the use of these heating devices in the country - it's compact size, portability and ease of operation. Such a device can not even necessarily always have to testify, it can bring, if necessary. Air Convector have a relatively low price - in most cases not exceeding 100u.e. Such heating will quickly warm up the cottage. However, these heaters do not accumulate heat and quickly cool down when turned off.<br /><br />Thermo in some cases burned atmospheric oxygen and dry air. As the cool air they need to be included again. Leave them on at night is not recommended, despite all the available safety data. By the weaknesses of this option heating problem can be attributed entirely dependent on supply and relatively high energy consumption. For long-term heating is not the best option for reasons of economy.<br /><br />Stationary heaters do not burn through the air, environmentally friendly and economical. But not always they are appropriate in the country. Not the fact that it is worth to invest significant money into a system that will run only a few times a year.<br /><br />Film heater is not cheap, but absolutely safe<br /><br />Infrared heating problem<br />Infrared panel heaters and film have appeared on the Ukrainian market relatively recently. Such heaters are of perhaps greatest interest to gardeners. They heat the room at the expense of long-wavelength infrared light, compact and fairly economical. Radiant heaters do not take place in the premises, as mounted on the ceiling, do not burn the air. The main advantage of infrared heating problem is that it can be controlled remotely, for example, via Internet or SMS mobile phone. Thus, at the time of arrival will be giving the hosts already heated.<br /><br />Infrared heaters are divided into panels and film. Panel heaters are a flat housing, in which the assembled device of PETN, conducting the heated plate and the reflector. The plate is heated to 250-270 degrees and can heat a large room with virtually any ceiling height. Power produced panels ranges from 500 to 3000 watts.<br /><br />Film emitter consists of two flexible elektroizolyatsionnnyh films, between which the conductive tracks of metal foil. Such systems are more fire-resistant, since their maximum temperature does not exceed 55 degrees. This heating system is 10-12 times more economical than conventional electric heating. Its efficiency can reach 95%. Minus infrared heating is a fairly high cost - about 300 USD. to 1m2 area heated and complete dependence on electricity.<br /><br />Vladimir Bankovsky, director of the Resource-Oil, said about heating problem with the use of infrared heaters:<br /><br />Film heaters - a relatively new technology, and relate them to long-wavelength infrared heaters. They are very suitable for heating the town houses, including houses and temporary accommodation - cottages. I would say they are more appropriate than hanging IFC panels, because the latter there are elements, heated to high temperatures, making them less safe, as claimed by the manufacturer. Temperature at 250-300-degrees is sufficient for ignition of paper, cloth timber. To give the owners should not leave them unattended. When properly mounted a panel is not dangerous, but the defect assembly, it can fall to the floor, under the grill can bring wind foreign object. We do not know of such cases, but in principle it is possible. And to the open TENu can inadvertently touch. Representatives of our company met with Russian researchers from St. Petersburg, and shared the results of those studies that the optimum temperature for Ifka is within 45-50 degrees. Film heater is more expensive, but they are completely safe and comfortable. Calculating the cost and power infrared heating involves the ratio of the heated area to the area of the heater as 1:2. That is: 10 meters by 20 meters of the film room with a ceiling height of not more than 4 m. However, the installation would cost about 3 thousand UAH, but it is safe and the life of such a facility at least 25 years.<br />ibud.ua <br />
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