What if the door slammed shut?

02.01.2016 00:15
Articles about the construction | What if the door slammed shut? Almost each of us once in your life fall into this absurd situation: to break the lock and the door slammed shut and the keys were left inside or lost. And, of course, anyone could for the first time or again in her turn. What if the door closed and did not get home? We have a few helpful hints.

For help - to neighbors

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Try to calmly assess the situation and, above all, to appeal to those to whom you are allowed to duplicate keys - to the neighbors, relatives or friends. If you have not already done so, and no one to help you out, would have to come up with other ways to get into the apartment.

Residents of the first and second floors are often trying to get home after a neighbor's window or balcony. But we must remember that it is very risky, and without special training and equipment, it is better not to do it and not to risk life and limb. In addition, if all windows are closed, it is necessary to break the glass, and then invest in a new one. Finally, how would not have to explain to the police that may cause alert neighbors to take you for a thief, burglar.

By the way, good relations with neighbors can be very useful. If you know, your manipulation of the door will not cause their suspicions, and they will be able to confirm the emergency workers that you really live in the apartment (if other evidence you do not).

Contacting Rescue

If keys are lost or a single set of remains inside the apartment and on the jammed lock can not cope on their own, then we need to call for help. One of the ways - call the emergency services. To do this, you need to dial from a landline - 01 and explain the situation to the dispatcher. Perhaps he will give you a special telephone service that will open the door, or in the case of an emergency - you send team. Unfortunately, quite often the wrong time to close the door may cause an accident: inside there are small children included electrical and gas stoves, sometimes troubles happen to elderly or sick people who are inside or outside the apartment. And in such situations should be treated in exactly the MOE.

Paid professional help

If the situation is not an emergency, you can contact the management company and call a locksmith. But usually these operational issues are not solved. Manager accepts your application and prescribe a time when the master will come, but not the fact that such a specialist will find.

You can also use the services of the master of a commercial firm - on the Internet a lot of small companies offer the service to open the door. Most of these companies operate around the clock and promise that the work of any complexity is performed accurately. This service is paid.

If you break down the door lock or spoil you for some reason do not want to, then there is another option - to call industrial climbers. They penetrate into the apartment on the outside of the house through a window, no matter what floor it may be, and open the door from the inside. Their work is more expensive.

What may be required documents?

How can I prove to you who came to the aid of the master or salvors that you want to open the door is your home? Good luck if you are with your passport at the door of the apartment, where registered. Then there will be no questions.

If you are the owner of the apartment, but the documents confirming this fact are in, then you will be asked to show them after the "breaking" of the door. Permanent and temporary registration is also the basis for entry into the apartment. Employees of special services can also ask the concierge or neighbors, whether you live here.

What to do if you are a tenant?

If you are renting an apartment in case of problems with the lock is best to immediately call the owner to explain the situation and decide together how to proceed. Indeed, during the attempt to get to the apartment may suffer not only the castle, but the door itself. Change it - expensive, and it is better to decide who will pay damages.
If you do not contract hiring of an apartment (which is not uncommon), likely the landlord will have to drive up to the place of emergency documents. We must understand that no one, including the Emergency Situations Ministry has no right to enter the apartment without the consent of its residents and the more damage property (in this case the door).
Therefore, the owner of the registered tenant or the tenant must sign a legal document that confirms that they agree with the penetration into the apartment, and claims in the event of mechanical damage to the door will not have. No one wants to understand then that story in court.

How to prevent this situation?

Err, of course, it is possible and even necessary. Firstly, it is good to keep a spare set of keys from friends or relatives. Second, you can take care of that door is not slammed shut on any draft - it should be closed with a key. In the third, it is desirable to lubricate the locks and repair them as soon as you notice that the mechanism jammed.
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