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02.05.2016 00:45
Articles about the construction | What build houses in Ukraine Zagorodna.com versed how to change "cardboard" wall panel in recent years, and why no brick experienced masters - it's money down the drain. The Ukrainian community steadfastly stuck opinion that the building now "unlearned". They say that the Soviet house definitely much better assembled in haste buildings.

Analyst SV Development Sergey Kostecki said that the crisis in the residential real estate market really makes developers look for ways to reduce the cost of construction. "For example, instead of cast-frame are increasingly choosing a panel technology, sometimes returning to the brickwork", - he said. But experts claim that neither energy nor the quality of housing are not recognized technological experiments.

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"In these settings affects not so much the technology, but the quality of construction works", - he said the head of the department of design work and expertise of PJSC "HC" Kyivmiskbud "Alexander Buzovsky He named the main risk factors: production discipline and qualification of personnel, and the quality of building materials. .

Who so builds

Buzovsky complains that vocational education has degraded over the years of independence. "Previously, for example, a mason of the third and fourth category was easy to find, but often we have chosen professionals fifth or sixth rank Now everyone thinks that a mason can be anyone who has seen the bricks..", - Says Buzovsky.

Masters are now increasingly learning the craft directly "on the go", of course, could not immediately give a good result. A stuffed hand, go into private settings or go abroad.

But even more serious problem now is the lack of effective control over the quality of construction materials. "Institute of Standardization and Metrology does not receive sufficient funding in order to systematically engage in this certification Payment lies with the manufacturer." - Said Buzovsky.

"Kyivmiskbud" to find game enough quality materials, just breaks the contract with the supplier, the expert said. "Choosing someone from there, but I would like to see a system of effective supervision by the government and control of the social and trade union organizations." - Said Buzovsky.

A similar view is shared by the ex-Minister of Housing Oleksiy Kucherenko. ". This system errors States for regular verification of technologies must meet the state structures, as well as for the training of skilled personnel", - he says.

However, the head of the Association "Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers of building materials and products," Ivan Saliy believes that the developers still trying to save by choosing lower quality brands.

"Construction material quality we have a good, it is appreciated and abroad. For example, the Kharkov tiled factory exports its products to 20 countries, brick SBC buys London Underground. A lot of companies today are certified to export their products abroad. And the fact that domestic developers for filling the walls choose an ordinary brick, as well as 20-30 years ago, or a lower brand of cement, it is their right, "- he said UBR.ua.

At the same time the same Knauf operates at less than half its capacity, because the volume of construction of three consecutive years, falling by 15-20% per year. "However, we see that the rate of decline has slowed, but without large government programs to stimulate the housing sector and infrastructure projects from the crisis will not work." - Says Salii.
Brick or panel?

Modern technologies allow to increase the intensity of work and eventually build faster. The fastest technology - large-panel construction. For example, the 25-storey house can be "build" for the year. Monolith-frame erect and a half years, but the brick house (up to 16 floors) building two years.

The cost structure and large-panel, and cast-frame building has a raw component (cement, sand, fittings, insulation). But the technologies differ in the way connections. In all monolithic "blocks" they are connected in a construction site, so quite expensive is the transportation component.

But in large-panel construction considerable budget pulls the so-called component depreciation (transfer of the factory on production costs). "In an unstable economy and the impossibility of obtaining preferential loans, very often the cost, for example, betononanosa" transferred "to another house and bounces once though." Healthy "series - the distribution of this money evenly to all products and their scheduled return in ten years "- said Alexander Buzovsky. It turns out that the final consumer pays exorbitant "depreciation" to help survive the construction materials manufacturer.

The "brick", except for the transport component, a very high percentage depending on the wage masters. "Carriers do not admit of the marriage, they are more difficult to correct - so the brick walls are considered to be the most expensive technology," - he told Buzovsky.

Which technology is more popular? Experts believe that each is a consumer. While it is still widely believed that the brick walls better, warm and reliable than the same concrete options. "Cold and poor soundproofing panel houses in the past Yes, in Soviet times, in the peak of panel construction were other tasks, namely, to saturate the market low-cost housing And with the cheap energy, there was no demand for energy efficiency..", - Says Buzovsky.

Modern versions look very attractive, they offer several factories Kiev, for example, DSC-4, Royal House. "The panel 6 by 3 meters, with thermal insulation and covered with tiles, with built-in windows and window sills - this is not what frightened, remembering the panels", - said Ivan Salii.

There is also a "fashion" to fill the frame-monolithic buildings. At one time there was a boom in the aerated concrete wall (this material is cheap and easy), then - on natural porous blocks, brick facades.
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