Warm house at all times: building of laminated veneer lumber

11.11.2011 01:00
Articles about the construction | Warm house at all times: building of laminated veneer lumber Building a house - a great event. Everyone wants the house to be durable, warm and beautiful. And even in the fairy tale about three little pigs brick house Naf-Nafa was the strongest, we must admit that the idea of ​​Nuf-Nufa - to build an environmentally friendly wooden house - not bad, it just did not cope with its embodiment.

Wooden house in Russia - the age-old tradition. Built of wood until the XIX century, and our master log was collected with a single ax, and without nails. That's why we have long been customary to say "cut the house," not "build." Gradually, more steel to erect stone buildings, because wood is susceptible to rotting and is afraid of fire. But modern processing technology antiseptics and antipyretics can not worry about wasting: the wood was strong enough.

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Especially popular today, laminated veneer lumber. It is from this building material houses are very attractive, the walls smooth and do not deform with time. These houses do not require reinforced frame, and in their low thermal conductivity: warm in winter and in summer is not hot. The tree as a building material, there are other advantages. Alex Kolyadin, project manager AkvaVilla cottage community, notes that this is one of the few materials that can "breathe", ie, to maintain a constant exchange of air in the room and create a favorable microclimate. During the day, the air in a house made of wood is updated twice. In addition, the tree in a special way interacts with the environment: it disinfects the air, avoiding harmful substances into the house. People in these homes are well enough sleep, which is especially important for those who suffer from vascular disease. The tree takes from the air and returns the excess moisture if the air is dry, keeping the humidity inside the house at an optimal level. It is proved that in a wooden house creates a favorable psychological climate that is good for the mood and well-being of residents, calms the nervous system. In addition, the wooden houses are built more quickly.

It is thanks to laminated veneer lumber, according to the company "LendAktiv" Now the market is the growth of timber construction. This property has to meet the needs of the middle class. For a long time wooden houses were considered the property of either poor or very wealthy. In the construction trade fair or exhibition can be bought quite cheap model house. But he was not treated with materials that increase the durability of wood, and often in its layout does not have bathrooms. Rich people always have the same opportunity to build a house of any material, for this they become exclusive architectural firms. These shops make the project expensive and unique, so well known throughout the world. For example, a workshop of the British Border Owk.

The average grade for a long time was unable to create a wooden house that meets his needs. Housing should not only be strong and beautiful, but also to have a good layout and all the amenities. It is quite wealthy people dream about a good country house, but not about the mansion. And most of all, these requests meet the cottages, built on modern technologies of high-quality wooden construction.

An example of such real estate can serve as a project "Bruslandiya." The village is built in the Istra region, 43 km from Moscow on Novorizhskoe highway. The first 79 houses will be built in the first quarter of 2012. Homes are designed in a similar style and are built on plots of 10 to 15 acres. According to Andrew Zabolotny, Director of Sales "LendAktiv" (developer and seller), these villages, of course, is the metropolitan market, but its unique Bruslandiya affordable prices for such a prestigious Novorizhskoye direction. The house area of ​​120 square meters. m all communications conducted by land and 10 acres worth 5.5 million rubles. And the demand for it is a good suggestion: have already sold 35% of homes.

If you already have a suitable site, you can select and order the design of the house of laminated veneer lumber, for example, in the company of Good Wood. Then we can meet even the rather modest for the construction of a wooden cottage budget - from 2.6 million rubles. It is possible and cooperate with friends and buy a two-level apartment in a duplex of laminated veneer lumber - from 3.35 million rubles., But with the finish and the land.

Of course, there are other proposals, but more expensive. Thus, on the banks of the Istra Reservoir, 43 miles Pyatnitskiy highway, LLC "NIRGOS," the leader distributor of wooden housing - the Finnish company HONKA, completed construction of houses in the village HONKA № 1. This settlement was built in Scandinavian style, two-story house in it, with sloping roofs, terraces, and panoramic windows. Building material - laminated veneer lumber, namely corrugated timber cabin MLL182. The uniqueness of this village is in close proximity to the water and the presence of its own beach.

The minimum price of housing in the village - 1 million 340 thousand euros, the maximum - two million 900 thousand euros. Price is certainly not small, but selling the house is also quite large: the smallest house has an area of ​​330 square meters. m, and the largest - 510 square meters. m buying a home in this cottage, you become the owner of the site from 17 to 40 acres, house with all utilities and infrastructure provided by the potential user.

The current market offers everything your heart desires. Everyone can find their dream home. There are even options for those who have not decided whether he wants a cottage of timber or brick. For this category of housing estate construction business class AkvaVilla, which is located 43 km from Moscow on the Dmitrovsky highway on the banks of the reservoir Ikshinskoe. The area of ​​the village is divided into plots of 20 to 87 acres, which are sold with a contract and without. For buyers of land with a contract architects have developed 15 projects finished houses ranging from 250 to 600 square meters. m

Architectural feature of buildings is to use two types of materials in one project: the first floor of the house is supposed to make brick, and the second - of laminated veneer lumber. This approach to the selection of building materials due to the fact that, although the wooden houses of many virtues, but there is a disadvantage - poor insulation. To solve this problem in the projects of these homes provided strict zoning and guest sleeping areas with different building materials. The first floor of a brick with monolithic slabs, there are all noisy areas: living room, dining room, guest rooms and bathrooms. All quiet rooms, bedrooms, classrooms, located on the second floor, which is made of laminated veneer lumber. Thus, the second floor allows you to relax in silence, breathing clean air, the wooden house.

In short, the market offers a great selection of houses Nuf-Nufa, but at home they are reliable, beautiful and not inferior to brick houses Naf-Nafa.
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