U.S. scientists are developing an innovative treatment for homes

28.09.2010 17:56
A team of American scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, plan to produce a unique highly technical coverage for mobile homes - biomaterial, which is an analog of human skin.<br /><br />Researchers believe such living buildings can respond to weather conditions, adjusting to them. At present, the project has already given a grant of $ 2 million<br /><br />To develop an unusual coating of scientists pushed the fact that the skin - is a huge field of receptor, through which the link with the environment. As conceived by American researchers, artificial leather buildings would be similar to the receptor, which is responsive to weather conditions.<br /><br />"The shell of the new building will be able to adapt to high or low temperatures on the street, under humidity and light levels, as well as to organize the work of internal communications, for example, enable additional heating or air conditioning" - researchers say.<br /><br />The researchers also added that the house with the skin can be a great comfort for the occupants to survive and abnormal heat, cold, and anomalous. In addition, a unique protective coating will allow building itself is better preserved. This means that major repairs will need it much less likely.<br /><br />Earlier, American scientists from the University of California at Berkeley have developed a technology to make artificial skin that has a tactile sensitivity of the human - the ability to determine the strength and the locality of depression, has informed RBC.<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br />
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