Ukrainian are increasingly choosing to buy windows for solar cells

27.01.2012 12:15
Articles about the construction | Ukrainian are increasingly choosing to buy windows for solar cells For the Ukrainian market skylights with solar battery - a fairly new product, but it is already popular among fans of new products. Assessing the Ukrainian market in the future can be predicted increase in demand, the press service of the company VELUX.

For 2 years VELUX customers enjoy advanced developments in the field of energy-saving technologies - dormer windows and a solar-powered accessories.

In Europe, these windows have appeared two years earlier and had already gained popularity among the owners of lofts. For two years in the line of the company's products have appeared solar cells for virtually all models of window VELUX.

Watching the demand for innovative solutions, the company offered customers new products - Accessories for roof windows with solar-powered. According to specialists of the company, in the windows of a solar Ukrainian customers attracted, above all, ease of operation and energy savings.

The main advantages of skylights and accessories powered by solar cells can be identified:

- Independence from energy sources. With solar-powered windows can be operated without electricity in the building or when its supply is suspended;

- No need for wires. This is particularly important when ready to interior spaces;

- To save on electricity.

Window accessories with solar cells can be installed on the windows, which are controlled by remote control, and with the mechanical opening. The buyer can upgrade their own skylight in the wireless remote-controlled mechanism, installed solar panel on top of the window and interconnect components.
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