Typical errors in construction

16.11.2010 07:24
The most common problems occur at the initial stage of construction, whether the construction of wooden houses and brick. Some mistakes can not later be corrected, and those that can be corrected, will cost considerable money.

The first mistake the builder is that it leads to advertising bukletiki construction firms, which stipulates the future house price turnkey basis. And already the basis of the proposed amount, the developer seeks the services of a particular firm. You may ask: what's the catch? But the catch is that the price specified by the construction company is worth just a box built homes. After the construction of wooden houses, or houses made of concrete, does not end just for the erection of walls and building roofs. The real cost of the proposed dwelling is calculated simply by the specified price must be added the cost of communication and the cost of finishing work, simply put, the price of bukletika must be multiplied by three and you will know the approximate price of future homes.

The following error done by the builder - is counting on. Keep in mind most importantly, the size can be calculated in some cases, either the foundation or the walls of the house, and in some cases, the axes, then there can be either internal dimensions, or external. It is therefore important in the initiation of carefully examined the drawings of the future building, and then only to do the markup.

Itself as a global error may be incorrectly defined the foundation and soil. Such oversights can cost a lot of trouble, so for the construction of the foundation should always seek help from professionals.

Do not forget about water proofing the house, but if in this problem to treat negligent, then you may have some problems. For example, the lack of waterproofing can lead to the fact that groundwater, rainwater and melt water will bezpripyatstvenno fall on the foundation walls, which in turn will lead to a dampening frame structures, and then their destruction, or to decay.

As it is necessary to pay attention to the organization of the chimney. In the case of a radiator is clear, then they must be isolated, it is known to all, but the brick chimneys, many do not take into account, since brick is fire-proof. For this reason, the chimney of brick, install near flammable structures, and because such chimneys are major risk for the house, because they accumulate soot, which can cause a fire, as it is peculiar to ignite.
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